Contract signing for finance and accounting teams: You need Signeasy

You need to be tough as nails to bear the burden of managing an organization’s important money-related documents. That’s exactly how your finance and accounting personnel are! But, what ends-up getting their goat is inefficient, misplaced, and inaccurate paperwork. In fact, you must have noticed how repetitive and manual contract signing ultimately leads to mental burnout, fueling increased attrition within the teams. 

You wouldn’t want that! 

Hence, your business needs to seriously consider digitizing the financial contract signing workflow. 

This would free up your team’s time to perform more strategic (and interesting) work. Not to mention the obvious health benefits of keeping contracts touch-free in a COVID world.

Having your finance team adopt eSignature solutions, such as Signeasy, can offer a much-needed respite in the following ways: 

  1. Timely processing: Typically, the processing of finance documents required approvals from many stakeholders. And you are bound to face delays in transferring the physical document from signer to signer. eSignature solutions swoop in to save the day by accelerating these paperwork workflows. Documentation that used to take days, nay weeks, to complete can now be approved in minutes! Features such as ready-to-use financial document templates, pre-filled forms, and seamless integration with productivity tools and mobile apps, play a huge role in cutting down processing time.
  2. Fewer errors: Financial documents tend to be quite complex. You got to sign here, here, and here. Fill in all these boxes (but not those ones!). These kinds of detailed instructions may be difficult to include in the physical document, leading to incomplete or erroneously filled forms. And mistakes in financial documents is an absolute no-no for two main reasons:
    • Results in serious financial repercussions. 
    • Leads to costly delays in processing, which would lead to dissatisfied stakeholders, delayed projects, etc.

    Fortunately, there are online signature solutions like Signeasy that highlight specific signing locations. It can also guide your signer through each part of the form. What’s more, you can ensure that the online form is not submitted until all the required fields are filled in. 

  3. Reduced chances of fraud:  With financial documents, it’s imperative that you have a solid approval process in place. No individual should be able to approve documents, such as invoices or purchase orders, in isolation. Signeasy’s multi-person approval process ensures that all the relevant stakeholders sign-off on the paperwork before it’s submitted for processing. This level of visibility and oversight helps prevent fraud.
  4. Real-time visibility into paperwork status: No need to chase after signers anymore! Without having to rely on your memory, eSignature solutions empower you to precisely track when each financial document was issued, who signed it, when it was signed, etc.
  5. No more shredding or misplacing documents: Many a time, you would have really old paperwork (with sensitive financial information) just gathering dust and taking up space in your filing cabinet. You could shred it, but that would mean extra time spent on admin work! Plus, what if you need it suddenly – for, say, an audit? By switching from manual to digital documentation systems, you stand to secure a robust audit trail of every completed agreement. With secure and cloud-based solutions like Signeasy, you can also manage, store, organize and track every document with ease.
  6. Save money by going paperless: It’s what every accounting/finance person’s dreams are made of – cost-saving. And adopting an eSignature solution fastracks this goal by eliminating admin costs such as that of printing, couriering, paper, and ink. What’s more, your entire document workflow becomes environment-friendly!

Still wondering if your finance and accounting departments need an eSignature solution? The answer is yes (of course), now more than ever! In the next section, we highlight the many ways in which the software improves your team’s contract signing experience.

Top 10 accounting forms you can fastrack with eSignatures

The pandemic resulted in companies applying the brake on most paperwork (financial and otherwise). This was not sustainable. In the age of remote working, to maintain business continuity, you need to invest in speedy and contact-free processing of finance and accounting forms. And eSignature solutions are the answer. 

Here are some of the many financial documents that when electronically approved can ease the pressure on your telecommuting staff, expedite processes and reduce errors, etc: 

  1. Invoices, purchase orders, and receipts
  2. Regulatory compliance and audit sign-offs
  3. Expense reports
  4. Timesheets
  5. Income statements
  6. Balance sheets
  7. P&L documents
  8. Budget reports
  9. Inventory sign-offs
  10. Tax forms
  11. Asset transfer or retirement documents

Use Signeasy to digitize finance paperwork

Your finance and accounting teams put in a lot of effort to create and process many department-specific documents. To ensure that these employees are duly supported in their everyday endeavors, choose a reliable eSignature solution such as Signeasy. It allows your staff to: 

  • Save and reuse templates of finance documents that can be customized to fit specific use-cases
  • Configure signing workflows so that contract signing happens in a specified order or all at once
  • Integrate with your preferred business and accounting systems, so that they may approve documents without having to open another app
  • Sign from anywhere and anytime, via its intuitive mobile apps – perfect for those who are working remotely
  • Have easy access to a dedicated, 24/7 customer care team to support with contract signing
  • Track the exact status of each document and send reminders to signers if they delay the approval

Really, contract signing cannot get any more convenient than this!

If you wish to accelerate invoicing, salary payments, budgets, and cash flow, while gaining real-time visibility into document process status, then sign up for a 14-day trial of Signeasy! 

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