Ensuring business continuity through touchless contracts

I’m reminded of the old saying in showbiz – come rain, come shine…the show must go on. This dictum holds true even for businesses that are currently struggling to function at their usual pace, within the constructs of COVID-induced social distancing.

As a direct result of the pandemic, all around we see reduced salaries, remote hiring, a tighter budgeting process, etc. There is also a reluctance to attend physical meetings and exchange and sign documents because of cross-contamination. These worries are very legitimate. But, as a business, you just can’t afford to wait around for this unplanned disruption to resolve itself. It could very well jeopardize corporate performance and value.

Now, imagine if your sales team were to adopt a cloud-based technology solution that lets you safely send e-sales contracts faster than your competitor, automate signing reminders, and secure signatures without ever putting pen to paper. You win by bagging the client, while business rivals lag behind simply complaining of COVID-led challenges.

This is a prime example of securing business continuity in the face of a crisis. It is also the biggest reason (aside from safety) for choosing efficient digital fixes such as the eSignature solution Signeasy.

How to ensure business continuity through touchless contracts

Has your document workflow gone kaput?

It’s not just the act of signing though, the entire documentation process could stall if employees don’t visit the office anymore. It limits access to physical files in official archives, office printers, and courier services.

Whether you are a lending company, school, hospital, or manufacturer; every function in your business will need the document execution (for reasons new and old) to be made feasible again. Keeping important documents moving at a fast pace is an important aspect in ensuring business continuity. For instance:

  • HR will need to initiate the paperwork for remote hiring, onboarding, and workforce management 
  • Finance will need to remotely manage budget documents and exchanging invoices
  • IT will have to get paperwork approved for buying more mobile and desktop devices for remote workers 
  • Changes in the supply chain, to make production more hygienic, will require for inking of deals with new partners
  • Legal will also have a mountain of paperwork, as per usual, which needs to be closed remotely.   

And, this is not likely to be a short-term requirement.

From creating the contract, assigning signees, and sending it to them to collecting signatures and archiving the file; every part of the documentation process can be made contactless with online signature tools such as Signeasy.

Industrialist Anil Jain, of Refex Industries Limited, which deals in refrigerant gases used Signeasy to maintain business continuity through touchless contracts. He says, “My experience with Signeasy has been great. It’s so convenient and during these times, it’s the best thing a company can get. This ensures work doesn’t stop and communications are consistent. All the filings with statutory departments are also on time because of the convenience of Signeasy.”

If it’s mobile-friendly, it’s worth it

The world was anyway headed in the general direction of telecommuting. Covid-19 merely accelerated this trend. With so many employees operating from their homes, what would work to your businesses’ advantage is if the eSignature solution (for that matter any enterprise software) is mobile-friendly and cloud-based. 

This is how Signeasy truly liberates your employees to work from anywhere and anytime :

  • Employees may securely store and access any document in the cloud, no matter where it is situated
  • The iOS and Android apps allow your employees to sign and share contracts, even when on the go

Danny Zandamela, CEO and Founder of Bid-ME said, “I have always been a strong user of mobile efficiency tools such as Signeasy [even before the pandemic]. Therefore, my experience with Signeasy (and other digital/mobile business tools) has always been good. I’ll give you a further example – my entire desktop hard drive, and those of my staff, sit on Dropbox, giving us automatic continuous backups and full protection from a hard drive crash, without having to think about backing up or performing sync [sic].”

Clearly, a simple eSignature can make a world of a difference in helping your business run like a well-oiled machine. If you wish to try Signeasy out, click here. We could also personalize the solution to keep the document workflow functioning during Covid-19. If you are an educational institute, hospital, or NGO, we are also offering a 14-day free trial. Drop us an email at [email protected] to find out more.

Automate to keep the ball rolling

It’s been 3+ months since most small and medium businesses have been putting off documentation. 

One thing is for sure that there will be a truckload of pending documents to be actioned. They cannot be avoided anymore.

What is essential in such times is an electronic signature tool that will automate the signing process, so that your employees can focus on the more strategic and creative aspects of work.

An AI-powered eSignature solution can make it possible to:

  • Send automatic reminders to signers 
  • Set an automatic routing of the contract for complex signing sequences
  • Receive automatic reminders whenever the document is signed
  • Automatically tag and store signed contracts into the cloud

Ready to clear your backlog with minimum effort? Sign up for the Signeasy trial today to not just enable business continuity but actually improve productivity

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