eSignatures for technology companies

As a technology company, you’re already well-versed in the importance of the “three S” approach: simplicity, speed, and streamlining. When it comes to completing documents and contracts using eSignatures, Signeasy was built to master all three of those pillars. Here’s how tech businesses in software, eCommerce, and beyond can use electronic signatures to level up their paperwork processes. Learn how Signeasy helps you automate your workflows with Signeasy, a preferred solution for eSignatures for technology companies.


Manual signatures: a barrier to progress

If you’re a technology company, everything you do is focused on innovation and a future-forward approach. So why are your document workflows still stuck in the past? 

More than many other industries, tech companies rely on teams of dispersed employees, from freelance web developers to remote customer support centers. Having teams in different locations often translates to backlogged approvals, stalled contracts, and miscommunications, instead of completed deals and progress. If a colleague is unavailable, busy, or a request gets lost in translation, that translates to precious time wasted.

There are also certain security and privacy concerns that tech companies take very seriously, and employees have little time for complicated learning curves. Businesses in this space need a simple, effective, intuitive platform that will integrate seamlessly into their existing workflows – and that is exactly what we have aimed to create.


Our solution is for you if you’re looking for a way to:

– Become less reliant on archaic processes like printing, scanning, and faxing

– Bridge the gap between remote or dispersed employees

– Track the status of your documents instead of leaving your progress to chance

– Drastically reduce document turnaround times

– Adapt to a changing workforce that favors remote collaboration and WFH


Here’s what our tech customers have to say about Signeasy


“The speed and ease with which I can sign documents on the move has made a real impact, surprising our counterparts as to how responsive we can be. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it!” – CEO, Minicabit

“The solution which PC Futures delivered in conjunction with Signeasy has saved us money and streamlined our back office and engineer’s processes. It has saved us considerable amounts of money and improved efficiency.” – Barton Electrical


Why Signeasy is the chosen eSignature solution for technology companies

Signeasy powers several use-cases with eSignatures for technology companies helping them save time, immense amounts of efforts in managing paper, and in tracking and following-up.

eSignatures for tech companies

We help them migrate from archaic technology to digital processes

Anyone who’s still using a printer and scanner to complete paperwork is doing so out of necessity, not preference – they just haven’t realized there’s a better way! With eSignatures, tech companies can pivot from multi-step analog processes to a fully digitized workflow. Instead of the print-sign-scan-send runaround, you can simply upload your document to Signeasy, indicate where the recipient needs to sign, and send it off. You can also sign documents yourself within seconds. Scanner who?


We make it easy to collaborate with remote employees

With each passing year, and especially in the wake of the pandemic, remote work is becoming increasingly common, leading to a huge adoption of eSignatures. Tech companies have tons of programmers and IT specialists working out-of-office, and many businesses have offices in multiple cities. Signeasy makes it a breeze to send agreements safely, contracts, and approvals back and forth between employees at a distance, then track their progress and send reminders as needed.


We help them get work done faster

This superpower is twofold. Firstly, Signeasy helps tech companies slash document turnaround times by taking the process online, instead of relying on imperfect systems like email or snail mail. Second, we also free up employee time by cutting down on personal admin. Instead of wasting productive hours organizing and following up on paperwork, your staff can focus on what they do best.


We make sure each document they sign is legally binding

Whether you’re dealing with an NDA for a new product release or a simple hiring contract, your eSignature needs to be as legally binding as wet ink. Signeasy is compliant with all major electronic signing legislation – from the ESIGN Act in the U.S. to eIDAS in the E.U. – and attaches a detailed audit trail with each signed document. If you use biometrics to access our iOS app or sign paperwork, that will also be reflected in the audit trail.


We provide an easy-to-use software with impressive partner integrations

Tech companies have to be exacting with their software choices: if it’s too complicated, or if it takes too long to onboard, it’s a no-go. That’s why Signeasy has the world’s smallest learning curve and an incredibly intuitive interface: new users can get set up within minutes.  We also integrate with a huge variety of popular productivity tools, including Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, Zoho, and Evernote.



In light of the current health crisis, Signeasy is offering special discounted plans for a limited time only. Click here to take advantage of this offer, or send us an email at [email protected]


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