How do electronic signatures benefit HR professionals

An HR professional processes anywhere from 10 to 60+ documents while onboarding a new employee.

The sheer number of tasks that the HR department must work on, and the high levels of compliance and documentation involved in each and every one of these tasks, makes paperwork an HR nightmare. It spans across the entire employment tenure – starting from the job offer letter to employment contracts to compensation plans, security policies, and benefits enrollment etc.

Paperwork is the biggest bottleneck for HR professionals and poses challenges in achieving their core goals of recruiting good talent, streamlining organizational processes and improving employee productivity. 

Here are 5 ways in which electronic signatures can benefit HR professionals and ensure paperwork no longer clogs productivity:

Speed up recruitment and onboarding

Don’t let the right candidate slip away due to delays in sending out the offer and getting it signed. Electronic signatures can speed up your workflows by helping you get the offer letter signed by the manager and the potential employee faster and more conveniently. With eSignatures, new employees can fill and sign forms easily and the first few days in a new job can be spent on getting to know the team instead of signing paperwork.

Ensure a positive employee experience

By adopting electronic signatures right from the recruitment stage, you show employees that the company is digitally progressive and adaptive and concerned about making processes easier for their workforce. HR teams require a lot of documents to be signed by the employees, and a simple process to get them done reduces the hassles for the workforce.

Get faster approvals

Electronic signatures enable HR professionals to speed up processes by getting faster approvals. This helps to smooth over workflows involving leave and expense management, payroll and other employee related processes.

Switch to an end-to-end digitized process

Electronic signatures help you in bridging the last mile disconnect in an end-to-end digitized process. By moving every part of the documentation process online, you can easily maintain electronic records of every form and agreement easily search and retrieve them whenever required. Since the HR department is required by law to retain documents, maintaining them online is more convenient and cost-effective.

Ensure accuracy and compliance

Traditional paperwork means inconsistencies and mistakes creeping in invariably. These mistakes prove to be counter-productive.  Additionally, it is imperative for HR departments to stay compliant with important processes, laws and audits. Electronic signatures ensure these inconsistencies are minimized and key checkpoints are never missed.

HR professionals across organizations rely on Signeasy on getting the better of paperwork. Here’s one such story of Kathy Winchell, HR Director at Dalhart ISD, as she puts it

“Previously, we had to wait for weeks for the contracts and letters of assurance to be returned before we could file them. With Signeasy, the whole process has been reduced and simplified now to a task that takes less than 10 hours. “

Kathy Winchell
HR Director, Dalhart ISD

If you’re an HR professional reading and silently relating to all of this, it’s time to switch to paperless transactions with Signeasy. Get started here.

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