Reduce documentation costs through touchless contracts

If you invest in any technology, even if it’s as affordably priced as Signeasy’s eSignature solution, you will surely expect (read: deserve) some returns. This sentiment is stronger today, considering the economic impact of COVID, with small businesses making greater efforts to penny-pinch and conserve cash. The good news is, apart from being the hygienic and environment-friendly alternative, online signature solutions can save your business thousands of dollars. No wonder SMBs are increasingly choosing to save costs through touchless contracts.

In fact, between March and April 2020, Signeasy witnessed a 2.4x increase in paid subscriptions.

Read on to find out how changing the way you sign can add to your triple bottom line (people, planet and profit).

Save with Touchless Contracts


Drive productivity and reduce costs through touchless contracts 

A famous example of harnessing technology to boost productivity is that of the US steel industry. Between 1962 and 2005, consistent process innovations helped grow output per worker by a factor of five, with a 38% rise in total factor productivity.

Similarly, eSignature tools improve documentation processes in order to make your employees more productive. The only difference is, it won’t take some 40-odd years, results can be seen within days (or even hours)! 

Especially since this (read: COVID times) is not a time to be throwing humans at the problem of inefficient documentation workflows, you need to be able to make it as contact-free and optimized as possible. Signeasy makes this happen by doing away with a tedious, error-prone and time-consuming workflow that involves the use of printers, scanners and fax machines.

According to a Forrester report, onboarding users on an eSigning software actually hike productivity by 85%. And by reducing the load of clerical work, it also improves their engagement levels and morale, delivering more creative solutions. 

Did you know: Across its customer base, Signeasy has helped save four million hours! 

Every penny saved is a penny earned 

By cutting paper out of the equation (in terms of how you raise invoices, report financials, and manage legal and human resource forms) you stand to save ~ $20 per document, according to research by Ombud. Thus, with online signatures, there is no need to spend on paper, toner, printer, storage facilities, shipping costs, etc.

Research also states that around 50% of companies feel paper-intensive processes are a waste of time and affect the bottom line. To combat this statistic, another cost-center that online signatures do away with are man-hours spent on admin jobs of sending, following-up, and receiving documents. 

Net-net, ever since the inception of Signeasy, our clients have been able to save costs through touchless contracts to the tune of $100+ million. 


Stand out as a tech-savvy business

If all it takes is a few clicks of a button to send, sign and return a sales document, think of how much faster it would be for your remotely-situated sales team to close deals. Not just sales, but employees across functions will benefit from the convenience that online contract signing offers. And they will thank you for it — for delivering an elevated employee experience — with reduced turnover. That would mean 6 to 9 months’ salary on average saved, for each employee you retain.

That’s not all, by digitizing signature workflows, your SMB will stand out as one that is not afraid to harness technology to make life easier for its employees. This, in turn, will ensure that you are positioned as an employer of choice, especially amongst the tech-forwards millennials and Gen-Z. Here again, you save on money and efforts to advertise your job openings. 


Great for the environment

Are you an eco-friendly business? Or, do you at least wish to be one? If you opt for a paperless office, you not only save space but also the trees. And, now is the best time to transition to a paper-free work environment, since remote workers are anyway unable to access office printers, scanners and the like.

A simple switch from physical wet signatures to eSignatures can help you build a leaner, greener and more profitable business. Over the years, Signeasy has helped make the world a less polluted place, by saving over 18 million sheets of paper. 


Keep stakeholders infection-free

For SMBs, more so than bigger organizations, employees, customers, and partners are like family members. And, being an ethically responsible firm you would want to reduce COVID risk of your work family – having their best interests at heart. Also, on a more pragmatic note, if your staff or partners fall ill, you stand to lose on productive man-hours or face delay in projects. Or, if your customers contract the infection, because of interaction with some brand touchpoint then you would have ruined their brand experience. 

The bottom line is you want to keep your stakeholders free from infections, especially those infections spread through contact with high-touch surfaces.  This is a sure-shot way to save costs through touchless contracts. Hence, many SMBs are jumping on board the trend to adopt touchfree business solutions. From payments to customer service, everything is contactless, so why should your signature be left behind? 

Esignatures allow customers to sign forms without having to exchange paper and workers/partners to complete contracts without touching a printer or other workers’ tablet. Ultimately, healthy stakeholders = healthy company bottom line.

Working remotely is the future, but it doesn’t have to be tough or complicated. In fact, with Signeasy it will give your SMB far more bang for the buck than you can imagine. If you wish to save costs through touchless contracts, try out the online signature solution for free. 

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