eSignatures help reduce employee concern over cross-contamination

Your employees have suddenly been forced to work from home and don’t feel comfortable with paper changing hands anymore. This aversion to touching communal surfaces (including stationery items) is new, but here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Our surroundings have changed — everyone is in facemasks, keeping physical distance from everyone else; frantically sanitizing, cleaning and disinfecting everything they come in contact with.

In response to this changed business dynamic, SMBs and enterprises alike have swiftly automated most processes.

Yet, contract signing in your company is likely to still be conducted via an outdated, high-touch process. Think printers, document couriers and physical signing. As a result, NDAs, employment contracts, sales proposals and asset purchase agreements end up languishing in folders, pending approval – bringing the business to a standstill.

Wondering how to eliminate this incumbent resource and productivity-sapping white elephant of documentation – aka wet signature workflow?

Touchless  signatures enabled by electronic signature solutions serve as the perfect panacea in this predicament. They allow you a way to continue your paperwork hygienically and with no disruption at all.


Keeping contracts ‘healthy’ with online contract signing

Scientists are still uncertain about how long the novel coronavirus can stay on everyday surfaces such as paper, lift buttons, access cards or other materials, amid different weather conditions. But, no one wants to take any chances.

This has pushed companies to adopt new ways of working.

In Japan, there are now smart gates that scan people’s faces (with masks on), to determine whether they are authorised to enter the premises. Not only does this strengthen security, but also does away with unnecessary handling of potential germ carriers (such as access cards and security systems keypads). Apple’s FaceID also offers an upgrade to identify you, through your face mask.

Clearly, maintaining hygiene is now a numero uno priority for most businesses. And, contactless signing is not just ‘nice to have’ anymore, but a necessity. You don’t need to touch and use printers, fax machines, envelopes, etc. You don’t even need to drive to your nearby UPS Store, Fedex Office, or Kinkos.

With Signeasy you will experience the most seamless signing process to meet the needs of a zero-contact business environment. All you need to do is:

  1. Sign up for the 14-day ‘no-obligation’ free trial
  2. Upload the document that needs to be signed
  3. Type, draw or upload your signature
  4. Share your signed document with other signers

Signeasy’s touchless technology brings to you the ‘healthy’ way to sign documents.

Owing to the sheer utility of the tool, we saw a doubling of weekly active users when countries announced their local stay-at-home advisory.


eSignatures Usage during Covid


Touchless contracts: The new way

At a time when the world is struggling with the new way of working, online contract signing can help your business at multiple fronts:


Touchless contracts with Signeasy



Ensure business continuity: Everything is remote, even your signers, but your business can’t stop. It’s even more important now to send that sales contract faster for online contracts signing than your competitor, or allow your customer to be able to confirm delivery right away. Industrialist Anil Jain, of Refex Industries Limited that is in the business of refrigerant gases says, “My experience with Signeasy has been great. It’s so convenient and during these times, it’s the best thing a company can get. This ensures work doesn’t stop and communications are consistent. All the filings with statutory departments are also on time because of the convenience of Signeasy.”

Enhance remote employee experience: Signeasy seamlessly embeds (using API-integration) into major productivity tools and email clients such as Google Drive, Gmail, Outlook, Dropbox, Box. This means, your employees can enjoy a frictionless viewing and signing experience – in the flow of work. They don’t need to open the Signeasy app separately to sign official documents.

The tool is also mobile friendly and allows for biometric validation of documents – both critical advantages in a touchfree work environment.

Embracing this contact-free signing process will also help position your company as a digital and forward-thinking enterprise to internal and external audiences.

Save costs and drive productivity: The old method of paperwork processing using printers, scanners, fax is tedious, error-prone and most of all, time-consuming. Across its customer base, Signeasy has helped save four million hours by avoiding printers and scanners. According to a Forrester report, onboarding users on to an esigning software can actually improve productivity by 85%.

Every penny saved and workflow optimized is critical in these tough times, especially for small businesses. This is why electronic signature  solutions make remote processing of contracts as easy as pie, while getting rid of frivolous costs!

Since Signeasy’s entry into the market, we’ve helped our users save nearly $100 million and 18 million sheets of paper. Enterprises that adopt electronic signature solutions save around $20 per document, according to research by Ombud, which is a sizable number by any stretch.
More companies (than ever before) are opening up to the possibility of online contract signing. Testimony to this trend is that, between March 16 and April 16, 2020, Signeasy saw a 2.4x increase in paid subscriptions as compared to recent months.


Touchless contracts are helping those at the frontline of the crisis

As hospitals and clinics become busier than ever before, the amount of paperwork exchanged every day also rises.

Today, it’s dangerous, without exaggeration, to regularly swap these high-contact physical documents (purchase orders, prescriptions, patient intake forms etc) aka potentially disease carriers.

To protect staff and patients from cross contamination, in such a high-risk environment, electronic signature solutions are the best bet. At Signeasy, we are providing free plans to these brave healthcare professionals on the frontline of the Covid-19 situation.

Ever since the pandemic struck, financial services and insurance clients have increased their usage of Signeasy by 3x and 5x, respectively. Again, these are sectors that engage with a huge volume of contracts and admin documents. By safely moving these documents online, you can give your employees the gift of health and mental peace.

Finally, digitization of legal documents (ranging from online petitions to NDAs or consent forms) is growing in popularity.

Imagine, your legal team has an immediate need to get an NDA signed by a bunch of songwriters, but would want to avoid sending physical contracts to them. Trust Signeasy to swoop in and save the day. You can create these online contracts on the electronic signature platform and simply share public links to it (on Whatsapp, Telegram or what have you), for large groups of people to sign.

By creating a hygienic framework for interruption-free document processing, and automating mundane documentation tasks; electronic signature solutions are quickly becoming the most in-demand productivity-enhancing solution of 2020.


Online contract signing is needed now more than ever

Legacy processes that are as old as time, like putting pen to paper for signatures, will not just go away on their own. It is up to company leaders to initiate the change gradually.

As the health crisis increases the urgency of the shift, here is that step-by-step guide to adopting an electronic signature solution:

Step #1: Do your vendor research. Then, ask yourself, which of the existing electronic signature solutions would best suit your people and processes?

Step #2: Identify one that is compliant with the ESIGN act in US and eIDAS regulation in Europe, has a mobile-friendly interface and top of the line API integration (hint: Signeasy is a prime candidate!)

Step #3: Sign up for a trial session. At Signeasy, we currently offer extended free trials of the tool to help you through these unusual times.

Step #4: Once you are satisfied, implement it organization-wide, in just a few hours!

Try out the free Signeasy demo now, for a complete guide to how electronic signatures can revolutionize online contract signing in today’s remote work circumstances.


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