10 million signature moments and counting!

Milestones are incredible, particularly when you’re a young and growing company. There is nothing more exhilarating than seeing those zeros get added one after the other at the end of the numbers you care about. It’s even more heartening when you turn back and look at the impact your work has made in the lives of your customers in the journey to these milestones.

We’ve been humbled and super excited this week, as we crossed the 10 million signatures mark. Needless to say, hi-fives, woohoos and pizzas have been in order on the office floor. (oh and whole lotta brand new swag!).

New Swag

I am sure each of us is used to a backstory which always accompanies such achievements. We have one of our own as well – from starting out as a mobile application in 2010, trying to make a dent in the painful cycle of printing & scanning one has to go through every time they need to sign a document. The kind words from our customers have been pouring in since day zero and have kept us pleasantly refreshed and encouraged while we continued adding more power to Signeasy, bit-by-bit. We have cherished our times under the spotlight with recognitions from Apple, Google, G2 Crowd and the press.

Fast-forward to this day, when Signeasy has evolved into a complete business-ready solution with signing across devices, support for different business workflows and integrations with applications you use every day. There are more than 140,000 individuals and businesses of all sizes that are using Signeasy to make sure paperwork does not come in their everyday efforts of driving business impact – whether it is increasing revenue by closing deals faster, or providing a better customer experience or bringing down the operational costs. You’ll find Signeasy users across companies and professions – from a Hollywood star to on-ground staff of a leading field services company to research students at an Ivy League university.

The way we look at this figure of 10 million is that how each of these 10 million times, we were able to help our users around the world, thus bringing a smile on their faces.  It’s only apt that we call these out as 10 million signature moments in our journey towards creating a paperless world.

We thank each one of our users, partners and friends for helping us reach here. As for your next question on what happens after here, we’re excited about more of these million signature moments for us. 🙂

Also, here’s a quick video we shot at this occasion featuring some of us sharing our favorite user reviews. Do take a look!


Sunil and the Signeasy Team