How we helped SMBs secure their PPP loans

The last couple of months have been strange and uncertain for everyone, but small businesses in particular have been innovating at light speed while they fight to stay alive.

Our mission has always been to make things easier, simpler, and more streamlined for our users, so when the Small Business Association (SBA) rolled out their Payroll Protection Program (PPP), it was the perfect opportunity to take some stress off SMB owners’ plates.

How we helped SMBs secure their PPP loans fast

Since the SBA accepts eSigned forms, we wanted to provide resources and tools to educate business owners about how to access and complete the required forms online. Time was of the essence (the PPP is a first-come, first served loan), so the SignEasy team worked tirelessly to roll out a solution in just 48 hours.

We started by launching a resource page providing an overview of the PPP (as well as SBA’s EIDL loan), including one-click links to important resources and forms.

We also updated the SignEasy web tool so that business owners and their teams can sign up for a free SignEasy account and instantly get access to the PPP form. With just one click, they can fill out the document with intuitive drag-and-drop features, and store their signature to complete other loan documents like EIDL. Once the forms are completed and signed, they can be shared with an accountant, bank, or SBA-approved lender, or downloaded to the desktop.

SignEasy has also made it possible for users on iOS to quickly upload PPP and EIDL forms to their account, fill them out, then share them with other people for signature. Completed forms can be downloaded and subsequently submitted via the SBA loan online tool. SignEasy’s resources, tools and guidance helped many SMBs secure their PPP loans in a completely paperless manner.

What our users had to say

Thanks to a huge push from the entire team, we were able to have our PPP feature ready in time for people to actually use it. Customers confined to their homes with no access to printers, scanners, and the like were able to easily submit their applications – and fast. They also didn’t have to compromise their health and safety by heading to a print shop to obtain a hard copy. To top it all off, we even slashed our prices to accommodate people who weren’t able to pay in full.

“I was able to sign the PPP form and get back to my bank quickly. They not only received the document, but I was able to fill it so quickly and effectively that I was protected before any more payments were taken from my account. Ultimately, your app has been a life saver for me, and I cannot thank you enough.” – Vinny C, Sales Manager

“It was helpful and pretty easy to complete. No bad remarks. I liked the drop in feature, Thank you!” – Kyrone, Director

How eSignatures can support your business

Whether you’re applying for a relief loan or trying to digitize your document workflows while working from home, eSignatures have your back.

Slash turnaround times: Stop relying on snail mail and clunky email attachments. Signers can complete documents the second they receive a SignEasy link – they won’t even need to create an account.

Store templates: While the team is dispersed, provide access to frequently-used documents using our templates feature.

Easy document tracking: Your SignEasy dashboard displays the status of completed and pending documents, with the option to send a reminder to speed up the process.

Add multiple signers: Request signatures from multiple collaborators. Configure the document to be completed in a particular sequence, or allow people to sign at will.

Secure signing: Each signed document comes with a digital audit trail, and eSignatures are just as legally binding as wet ink under legislation like eIDAS (EU) and the ESIGN Act (USA).

Is your organization active in COVID-19 relief efforts, and looking to give eSignatures a try? If so, we want to help you. Just write in to us at to inquire and share your needs.


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