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AngelList leverages embedded eSigning with Signeasy API

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AngelList leverages embedded eSigning with Signeasy API

The company

AngelList is a website that connects startups with angel investors and job-seekers. Created in 2010, the platform’s mission is to democratize the investment process and help startups overcome challenges related to fundraising and acquiring top talent. While it started as an online introduction board for tech startups that needed seed funding, the site incorporated the ability for startups to raise money from angel investors free of charge in 2015.


Sumukh Sridhara is the Head of Product & Engineering for AngelList India. Recently, he identified an opportunity to build a cap table management product for Indian startups – a product that is now known as EquityList. Sridhara is the CEO of EquityList.

Indian startups use EquityList for cap table management, equity grants (ESOP and SAR), ESOP document generation, equity grant letter generation, equity grant eSigning, and employee/shareholder portals.

The challenge

EquityList wanted to offer founders an online workflow for issuing equity grants to early employees, in which the process would be completed when the employee eSigned the grant letter. Instead of developing a solution in-house (which requires significant time, money, and labour) Sridhara wanted to integrate an existing eSignature platform into EquityList for embedded signing.

As a member of AngelList India, he was specifically looking for a solution that could offer Aadhar-based eSignatures. Aadhar is a unique 12-digit identification number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India – think of it as another type of social security number. Finally, since EquityList is a new product and must therefore make the most of its limited financial resources, Sridhara also needed a solution that was budget-friendly.

The solution

EquityList ultimately chose to go with Signeasy thanks to our Aadhar compatibility, our powerful yet easy-to-use API, our competitive pricing, and the responsiveness of our support team. Here’s how Sridhara and his team got their embedded eSigning feature off the ground.

EquityList kicked off its subscription to our API-based service at our standard price. In the weeks that followed, Sridhara expanded the scope of his partnership with Signeasy to take advantage of our high-volume pricing.

Although we give our API users the option to upload their own logo and use our eSignature solution as a whitelabel service, EquityList actually prefers to display the Signeasy logo on their embedded signing pages! In doing so, they’ve demonstrated their trust in our brand and their willingness to proudly share our name with highly respected AngelList startups.

The Pain Point


Looking to offer founders an online workflow for issuing equity grants

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"Our team ultimately chose Signeasy, thanks to their Aadhar compatibility, powerful yet easy-to-use API, flexible pricing, and the super-responsive support team."
Sumukh Sridhara
Head of Product & Engineering
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