How Signeasy helped delivery app Rappi complete over 1,000 contracts per day

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How Signeasy helped delivery app Rappi complete over 1,000 contracts per day


Rappi is a mobile app that can get almost anything delivered to you at any time, or link you up with a courier who can complete small tasks. Given its presence in hundreds of different cities, it was becoming impossible for Rappi to manage the tidal wave of contracts coming across its desk every day – so the team turned to eSignatures to speed up the process.

The company

When it comes to convenience, the Rappi mobile app is a true Jack of all trades. It allows users to order groceries, food, and medication for on-demand delivery, as well as send cash to other users. Rappi also gives users access to couriers who can perform a number of handy tasks: they can withdraw money from an ATM and deliver it to your door, transport personal belongings (such as house keys, wallets, and purses), and even walk your dog!

The challenge

It ain’t easy being a successful business. Rappi operates in hundreds of cities across seven different countries, and onboards thousands of restaurant partners every single month. The company is as dispersed as they come, and their stature made it extremely difficult to manage the flow of onboarding documents from internal teams to external partners.

Before Signeasy, it could easily take days for restaurants to return their signed agreements to Rappi, which created a paperwork backlog and delayed the onboarding process. They needed a faster way to get partners up and running on the app, and eSignatures were the answer.

The solution

Rappi currently has over 250 users registered with Signeasy, from their Legal and Sales teams to the Partnerships team and account managers!

Time-saving templates

Instead of starting fresh with every new partner, Rappi can pull up their contract template to initiate a signature request. That way, all of the required fields and information will already be there – no need to do the work twice!

Lightning-fast turnarounds

While the onboarding process used to take days, Rappi has reduced contract turnaround times to minutes! Their process is totally seamless and streamlined, and their partner relationships have improved now that they’ve reduced friction and hassle.

Future-forward solutions

Signeasy lets Rappi liaise with partners near and far without ever having to meet face to face. While their dispersed team is no stranger to remote solutions, COVID-19 has allowed them to expand into new use cases, including using technology to increase customers’ access to local restaurants and businesses.

One solution, many applications

Not only does Rappi use Signeasy to send contracts to their delivery service partners, but they also use it to process high-profile contracts, NDAs, day-to-day paperwork, and partner paperwork for their RappiPay service!

The Pain Point

Rappi needed a faster way to get partners up and running on their app.

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