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NeuroPath increases productivity by 60% with Signeasy

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NeuroPath increases productivity by 60% with Signeasy


NeuroPath has always relied on email, printers, and scanners to complete the onboarding process for incoming employees. After leaving new hires on spending countless hours figuring out their own signing approach, they knew it was time for change. As an existing Freshteam user, here’s how they leveraged Signeasy's Freshteam Integration to speed up the hiring process and polish their first impression on potential candidates.

The company

Neuropath Behavioral Healthcare is a private clinic that provides comprehensive support services for individuals with special needs. It is headquartered in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

The challenge

We spoke with Sharlene, a team leader at NeuroPath, to understand how they leveraged Signeasy for Freshteam to speed up the onboarding process and reduce workflow redundancies.

For those who don’t know, Freshteam is an online platform under the Freshworks umbrella that is designed to help companies manage their hiring, onboarding, time-off, employee data, and HR workflows under one roof. It also offers users a suite of helpful integrations with complementary platforms.

Before they began using Freshteam’s Signeasy integration, NeuroPath was emailing documents to new hires in order to collect their signatures. This process took quite a bit of time to complete and created a significant amount of work for the new joinees, since they had to figure out how to sign the documents on their own.

In the absence of a turnkey solution, signers typically had to print, sign, and scan their onboarding paperwork, then email the packet back to Neuropath. Eventually, the company realized it was time to take the burden off of the new hires to find their own way, and to automate internal tasks like exporting Word files to PDF. They started looking into eSignature solutions, and quickly landed on Signeasy for Freshteam.

The solution

At the time of this writing, it’s been just a few weeks since the team started using our solution, but they are already starting to see outstanding results!

Faster onboarding

NeuroPath uses Signeasy to quickly access templates for frequently used documents. That way, they can send offer letters faster than ever, and with very little manual input (the candidate’s name even pre-populates!). Once a candidate eSigns the offer, they are automatically routed into the “new hire” queue.

Better turnaround time

Thanks to the ‘Document Fields’ feature, NeuroPath is receiving fewer inaccurate or partially completed forms. Fields allow them to indicate specifically where the signer needs to enter information, and the document can only be finalized when all of the fields have been filled out. Ensuring documents are completed properly from the get-go means faster turnarounds and less time spent on admin!

Boosted productivity

These days, the NeuroPath team spends less time updating, saving, exporting, and sending documents out for signature. With Signeasy, they have boosted their productivity by 60% by automating their processes and reducing the need for repetitive tasks.

Simple setup

Signeasy prides itself on being a simple, intuitive, easy-to-use platform – and our partner integrations are no exception. In just a couple of minutes, NeuroPath was able to get up and running with the Freshteam Integration. There was a small learning curve at the very beginning, but they were able to conquer it in no time.

Freshteam is not the only solution/product that our partner Freshworks has in it’s suite. Just like Signeasy, Freshworks prides itself for easy to use products packed with features and functionality. Check out some of the other product offerings Freshworks has.

The Pain Point


Needed a faster on-boarding solution for their new hires

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"Before using Signeasy's Freshteam’s integration, we was emailing documents to new hires in order to collect signatures. Signeasy helped us seamlessly sign, send, and mange manage hiring documentation faster and boost productivity"
The NeuroPath team
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