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The Breakfast Club of Canada reduces turnaround times with Signeasy

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Breakfast Club of Canada

The Breakfast Club of Canada reduces turnaround times with Signeasy

The Company

Some say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and the Breakfast Club of Canada has spun that adage into a mission. This non-profit organization works to create and fund breakfast programs for children from lower-income families, providing access to nutritious food as fuel for academic success. BCC serves over 1,500 schools and 200,000 children, with a massive coast-to-coast reach that requires a huge volume of paperwork. Here's how Signeasy helps them start every day off on the right foot – kind of like a wholesome breakfast.

The Challenge

As the Programs Assistant at the Breakfast Club of Canada, Julianne Nyasulu does a huge amount of admin work: she sends contracts out to schools, collaborates with the procurement and accounts teams, processes each school’s application into their database, and communicates with schools regarding the progress of their applications. She also liaises with a number of remote coordinators located across Canada. For someone who works to fill other people's plates, she has a lot on her plate as well!

To implement their programs nationwide, BCC needs to send thousands of relationship agreements to schools across Canada. These contracts outline important details like BCC's guidelines and how much funding each school is slated to receive. Before Signeasy, these contracts were sent out via email to individual recipients – then, each one needed to print, sign, and send the documents back.

"The agreements were coming back at different times, and often coming in late," said Nyasulu. The later schools return their agreements, the later they receive their first payments, delaying program kickoffs and affecting how quickly underprivileged Canadian children can start enjoying a healthy breakfast.

"The process of putting in an email address, then attaching a document, then sending it, then downloading the document – it was just too many steps.”

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The Solution

Signeasy is helping BCC ramp up their efficiency and turn documents around significantly faster so they can get breakfast programs up and running more quickly and streamline their operations.

Get documents signed within minutes

As soon as the schools receive a contract via email, said Nyasulu, they are able to sign and send it back right away. “We were seeing return rates sometimes within minutes, other times within days. Either way, a higher return rate than we had in the past!”

Convenient bulk downloading

Signeasy's new bulk download feature is a perfect fit for BCC. Instead of manually downloading hundreds of signed document packets at a time, coordinators can save all completed contracts from Signeasy to their computer with a single click, digitally filing them away without breaking a sweat.

Fewer hands on deck

As BCC increased their efficiency, they ramped down the number of people required to manage the inflow and outflow of these agreements. Instead, coordinators are able to concentrate their efforts elsewhere, creating value for the organization and supporting its mission in an even more impactful way.

Email contacts at their fingertips

With so many individual points of contact in the mix, every second of time savings makes a difference. Signeasy makes importing contacts a breeze: all BCC has to do is type in the school or individual contact's name to populate their email address within Signeasy, instead of hunting down their information and copy-pasting it into the window.

Team-friendly features

Nyasulu loves the fact that she can add members to her team on Signeasy, making it easy to share documents with colleagues across the country and giving them the tools they need to manage relationships quickly and efficiently.

The Pain Point


Longer turnaround times meant delayed breakfast program launches, so they needed to ramp up their efficiency to achieve their mission.

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"With more than 1,500 partner schools across Canada and 500 more sitting patiently on a waitlist, the Breakfast Club of Canada’s services are in high demand. BCC provides breakfast for underprivileged students at schools nationwide, guided by the belief that learning can’t happen on an empty stomach, and a healthy breakfast is the gateway to academic achievement."
Julianne Nyasulu
Programs Assistant
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