Efficiency soars high at Business Jet Access with SignEasy

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Efficiency soars high at Business Jet Access with SignEasy

The Company

Business Jet Access is based out of Dallas Love Field, Texas. They offer premium staffing, fleet management, and maintenance services for elite private aircraft owners. Their clientele depends on Business Jet Access to completely understand and implement governmental regulations, pilot management, maintenance and billing processes.

The Challenge

When your business runs 35,000 feet above the ground, regulations and protocol are indispensable. Any given day at Business Jet Access, at least half the planes are flying. There are flight logs, rate approvals, payment approvals, work orders, and FAA paperwork to fill and sign. Which means that pilots, operations team, and maintenance department are always fielding requests for approvals and sign-offs on paperwork.

Flight Operations Manager Meagan Neumann quickly realized that relying on traditional paperwork was seriously impeding the efficiency of her team, posing the following key challenges.

  • The maintenance teams found it difficult to sign off and track documents because each document would change hands frequently.
  • Pilots need to get signed approvals when substituting for a colleague - any delay in this would mean grounding the flight until the documents are in order.
  • Turnaround time for approval of payments was long and cumbersome to track by the accounts team.

The Solution

With its easy-to-use interface and ability to allow multiple workflows, SignEasy was perfect for Business Jet Access. The Dropbox integration also meant it could seamlessly fit into their existing processes.

Faster, easy to track and FAA compliant inspection process

SignEasy works across devices, which means that the pilots can now quickly fill in and sign their discrepancy logs on iPads. The detailed audit trail for each transaction ensures that everything is easy to track, with no element of the paperwork missing or incomplete.

No delays in flight take-off

Pilots use SignEasy for the mandatory approval to substitute for another pilot. This brings down the turnaround time for the approval and consequently, any delay in the flight take-off.

Faster payments processing

Accounts team can now process payments much faster as self/in-person signing empowered pilots to immediately send signed approvals for expenses.

The Pain Point

Pilots needed a quick solution to get faster approvals for flight take-offs.

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