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Calastone automates contract workflows with Signeasy

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Calastone automates contract workflows with Signeasy


Calastone, the world’s largest global funds network, wanted to simplify contract workflows for its clients, reduce costs, and eliminate the use of paper. Previously, they had managed contracts the traditional way — print, sign, courier to the client, and wait for the signed copy to be sent back. Not only did they dedicate time and effort to wasteful supplies like printers, ink, paper,  courier costs, and storage, but they also needed to manually track and manage documents on the move. Introducing Signeasy into their business ecosystem for signing, sending, and managing contracts turned out to be a game-changer for the Calastone team.


Calastone is a leading global funds network connecting financial organizations worldwide. It aims at helping the funds industry transform through innovative ways of reducing frictional costs and lowering operational risk. Their mission is to make investing more accessible and generate opportunities for the industry to deliver greater value for the investor. 

With over 3,500 clients in 54 countries and territories, Calastone is headquartered in London and has offices across Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, New York, Milan, and Sydney. 


Calastone used pen-and-paper systems to send contracts to their clients, leading to significant time and money wasted on physical delivery models. With contracts running up to 20 pages, any minor issue, such as a typing error, would require repeating the entire process. This took up a lot of time and manual effort, and contradicted Calastone's mission to automate the funds industry. That’s when the team realized that going digital is the best way ahead.


Calastone chose Signeasy for its easy-to-use interface and excellent customer support. Different departments at Calastone, including the People group, Legal, Finance, Marketing, and Administration, use Signeasy to send documents for signature to internal and external parties. The team uses Signeasy’s MS Outlook integration for signing, sending, and managing documents securely and directly from the inbox. 

With Signeasy, the turnaround times on critical documents such as contracts, order forms, service amendments, and NDAs came down from days to minutes. The team uses Signeasy mostly on desktops; however, they have also started using it on their mobile devices for managing documents seamlessly anytime, anywhere. The Calastone team appreciates the quality of support offered by Signeasy and how they always feel heard, along with a feasible solution in sight. Analytics Dashboard, Multi-Admin, Two-Factor Authentication, and Automatic Reminders are a few of the many Signeasy features that the Calastone team uses extensively.  

With Signeasy, the team has been able to import contacts directly from Outlook inbox, thereby increasing the speed and making it more efficient to collect signatures from clients. Calastone also benefits from Signeasy’s audit trail, which offers excellent visibility into actions taken by the concerned signing parties on important documents.

The Pain Point


Needed a platform for rapid transition from paper to digital contract workflows

48,000 businesses use Signeasy everyday to automate contract workflows

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‍“Collecting eSignatures on critical contracts via Signeasy has become an incredibly quick process. That, in turn, has helped us adopt an efficient and paperless workflow.”
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