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Freo's MoneyTap automates onboarding with Signeasy

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Freo's MoneyTap

Freo's MoneyTap automates onboarding with Signeasy


Long before the pandemic, Freo identified a need for a contactless documentation solution to lighten the HR team’s workload. Then, when COVID-19 turned the world on its head, the company ultimately decided on Signeasy to seamlessly take their paperwork and onboarding online. 

About the company

MoneyTap, a Freo product, India’s first app-based credit line, is more than just a personal loan or credit card service: it’s a personal credit line that aims to make this service accessible to millions of Indians who have had trouble securing funds. Operating in more than 40 cities with over 10 million users, this personal lending platform aims to provide data-driven, affordable, and flexible app-based credit lines to many more middle-class Indians in the coming years.


Before the pandemic, like countless companies around the world, Freo's MoneyTap was manually sending important documents like offer letters, onboarding paperwork, and legal/financial paperwork out for signature. 

However, as an organization with 300 employees and international operations, the team was wasting tons of time sending files, following up, printing copies, filing paperwork, and locating hard-copy documents for audits. 

To sign documents themselves, employees depended on pen-drive signatures (a digital ID stored on an external USB key). Converting each file to a PDF document, entering a PIN, manually sharing it with signers, and saving various versions of each document in local folders was a headache for the HR team.

Additionally, it was a struggle to get important documents signed by the entire board of directors. The same document had to be shared with 12 different people to collect 12 different signatures, which required ZIP folders and endless correspondences.

In light of these inefficiencies, Freo's MoneyTap needed a much more streamlined way to quickly approve documents, collect signatures from multiple stakeholders, and cut down on tedious admin. 

The solution

The CEO and head of HR agreed they needed an eSignature solution that was straightforward and simple to use for every team member – whether tech-savvy or otherwise. Since Signeasy routinely receives top marks for ease of use, our solution was a natural fit for their needs. 

After implementing eSignatures, the HR manager and her team reported that they were saving significant time on admin and other tedious routine tasks. Plus, thanks to the Signeasy document cloud, important files are only ever a click away – no more sifting through file folders and stacks of paper when an audit request comes through.

“Signeasy saves a lot of time. It’s easy and flexible for stakeholders both inside and outside the organization. Everything gets done flawlessly within 20 to 30 minutes.”

What’s being signed?

  • Founder/CEO uses Signeasy to sign and share confidential documents with board members
  • HR team collects eSignatures for offer letters and other onboarding documents
  • HR and finance teams have the app downloaded on their devices to keep track of documents they’ve sent out for signature
  • Compliance and legal teams are currently onboarding the solution and looking forward to securely simplifying their workflows

The Pain Point


Freo's MoneyTap, India's first App-based credit line, needed to move away from cumbersome pen-drive signatures to a simpler, easy solution.

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“Signeasy’s best feature is that you can share documents with non-registered members, which feels like a breath of fresh air. We can share documents with candidates across geographies, they sign, and send them back to us without having to follow up. If anything, we send them a reminder on Signeasy.”
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