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K Real Estate achieves paperless workflows with Signeasy

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K Real Estate

K Real Estate achieves paperless workflows with Signeasy


When the global health crisis began, K Real Estate decided it was finally time to make the switch to eSignatures: they had been using wet ink to process documents like appraisals, agency agreements, and contracts using for years and years. Here’s how Signeasy helped them achieve their paperless dreams and provide smoother transactional experiences for their clients.

The company

K Real Estate is a residential property group that operates out of Motueka, New Zealand. Their approach is made unique by a strong emphasis on individualized attention: they've done away with fussy open houses, focusing solely on private showings to build stronger bonds with potential buyers and match them up with their dream homes even faster.

The challenge

Working as a real estate broker comes with its fair share of paperwork, much of which is legally binding. According to Roar Kristoffersen, K Real Estate's co-director, the company's reliance on hard-copy documentation was weighing it down.

Before Signeasy, most document exchanges and signature requests were being conducted via email. In general, the client would need to print off whatever they needed to sign, sign it, scan it, and send it back. This would often be a clunky process.

"People haven’t got ink, their scanner doesn't work … you end up receiving an iPhone photo of a legally binding document to buy a million dollar house!” said Roar.

Going paperless had always been in the back of his mind, and the COVID-19 crisis was what finally pushed him over the edge into research mode. “We had 4 to 5 weeks where our business was not operating," he said, "So I sat down and took pretty much every process we had and made it paperless.”

The solution

After researching a number of eSignature software options – including FlexiSign, New Zealand's eSigning platform for real estate agents – He found them to be overly complex. Then, he found Signeasy.

We're built for mobile

K Real Estate processes the vast majority of their documents (about 70%) on an iPad or smartphone. Since Signeasy was built to provide a stellar mobile experience, it was the obvious choice for a company that does most of their business on the go.

We streamline the signing process

"In the past, we would send a long email with a huge explanation about where to sign and what to do," said Roar. "Now, it’s just, 'let’s use sign easy because it’s 100 times faster and it’s precise.'"

We provide legally binding eSignatures

With Signeasy, you receive an audit trail attached to every document that’s been signed. According to K Real Estate, this legal proof makes all the difference in terms of compliance and peace of mind.

We are 100% paperless

Our software helped K Real Estate and the team fulfill their paperless dreams by taking the majority of their signature requests and in-person signing online. Since then, K Real Estate has also done away with other paper assets, like hard copy brochures handed out during showings!

The Pain Point


Provide a more streamlined signing experience for their clients, who experienced difficulties in printing and scanning

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"Now, it’s just, 'let’s use Signeasy because it’s 100 times faster and it’s precise.'"
Roar Kristoffersen
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