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Walker BFPS streamlines work order management with Signeasy

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Walker Backflow and Fire Protection Services

Walker BFPS streamlines work order management with Signeasy

The Company

Walker Backflow and Fire Protection Services has been proudly serving the Birmingham, Alabama region for 16 years. This fire sprinkler company does it all, from inspections and testing to repairs and installations for both commercial and residential properties. Walker BFPS has been a Signeasy customer since 2013.

The Challenge

Travis Walker, who is the founder and president of his namesake small business, told us about the company's previous challenges with hard-copy paperwork.

Walker will typically visit multiple job sites per day, each one with its own work order to be signed, processed, and sent to the office for billing purposes. Before Signeasy, Walker would issue these work orders using triple-layer carbonless copy paper – the kind where you write on one sheet and it transfers the ink to the sheet(s) below.

When clients would sign the work orders on-site, Walker would leave them with one copy and keep the other two. Once he arrived back at the office, one copy would be placed in a file folder and one would go to the finance department. Finance would then scan or copy the work order, and mail a hard copy to the customer.

This process left lots of room for error given how many copies were floating around, not to mention the fact that it took a while for work orders to make it back to the office. It was time to make things simpler to manage for the Walker BFPS team.

The Solution

This small change – going from carbon paper to paperless – made a big difference for Walker BFPS. Here's how Signeasy simplified the work order process for Travis and his team.

Paperless in-person signing

All service staff are equipped with an iPhone while they're on the road. Every time they finish a job, they use the Signeasy app's in-person signing feature to digitally complete work orders on the spot. They also don't need to handle multiple physical copies anymore!

Faster billing

Before Signeasy, Walker said he would come back to the office at the end of every day and place his signed work orders in the finance team's box to be processed the following day. Now, once a work order is signed in person on the job site, staff can send it straight to the finance team for processing, allowing them to bill clients much faster.

Convenient templates

Since they tend to use a handful of documents over and over again, Walker BFPS has made great use of Signeasy's templates feature: not only can they can share preloaded templates with team members who are on the road, but they also don't need to waste time inputting fields each time they make a new copy. They can pop open the template on their iPhone, make any necessary edits, then complete the transaction in no time.

Airtight audit trail

Walker told us that his chosen eSignature software needed to be legally binding. Not only does Signeasy comply with all major global eSignature legislation, but we also provide a detailed audit trail for every document so companies can operate with complete peace of mind.

The Pain Point


They also needed a solution that would allow for in-person signing to complete paperwork on-site.

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"I was tired of filling out paperwork all the time. I don’t have the best handwriting in the world and my spelling stinks, so I was looking to provide my customers with something they wouldn’t have to keep up with,”
Travis Walker
Founder & President
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