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La Cabana Beach Resort modernizes HR onboarding with Signeasy

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La Cabana

La Cabana Beach Resort modernizes HR onboarding with Signeasy

The Company

On the western shore of Aruba in the happening capital city of Oranjestad, you’ll find La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino, dotted with palm trees and steps away from the glorious Caribbean Sea. Behind all of the cocktails, canapés, and cookouts, though, is a complex web of paperwork that keeps the resort running like a well-oiled machine. We spoke with an HR specialist at La Cabana to take a peek into how Signeasy is helping them streamline their operations.

The Challenge

La Cabana has been around for quite some time: in fact, the resort is about to blow out 30 candles, so it’s no stranger to the organizational expertise required to run a team of nearly 250 full-time employees (not to mention another 80 to 100 contractors). However, not even a decades-old company with tons of management experience is immune to the grind of handling large volumes of diverse paperwork, both internal and external, interdepartmental and localized.

A talent manager that handles training for La Cabana's HR department told us that the document runaround was simply becoming too much to handle. Whenever it was time to collect signatures for any number of essential documents – from training and recruitment to onboarding and termination paperwork – employees were falling victim to the typical slow-as-molasses process of printing forms and passing them around from person to person, with stalls and delays aplenty.

To tighten up their document workflow, they decided to switch to digital, with Signeasy as their chosen provider.

  • With a wide range of tasks on their plate and hundreds of employees to keep track of, HR needed a quicker and more organized way of collecting signatures.
  • The department needed a solution that would allow them to handle orientation, onboarding, attendance, and leadership documents (among others) in one place.

The Solution

La Cabana seamlessly transitioned from analog to digital, cutting out the middlemen (see: printers and scanners) to create their best-ever document workflow. These days, there are 10 employees on the resort’s HR team that rely on Signeasy to collect important signatures and keep paperwork organized. Here are some fast facts about how La Cabana HR uses Signeasy to get the job done!

They’re all about mobile

While HR employees use both the desktop and mobile versions of Signeasy, they rely more heavily on the app than the web platform. Our software is built to be exceptionally mobile-friendly, so we’re thrilled to hear that the app is coming in handy!

They’re moving much faster

In the past, HR needed to wait for a document to ping-pong its way around four or five different desks before they would receive a completed copy. Guda told us that HR is now able to collect what he calls “instant signatures,” which is quite the upgrade.

They’re big on internal comms

The resort does indeed liaise with external companies, especially when it comes to organizing training and leadership workshops, but they mostly use Signeasy for internal affairs. Progress begins at home!

They’re leveraging integration with existing tools

Guda's team relies on Microsoft Outlook so the Signeasy integration makes work seamless. They can work on a document straight out of their inbox, where they can request a signature from someone else or sign themselves with ease. They simply select the attachment, sign it and reply to the same email thread with the signed document attached.

They’re loving the automation

Guda pointed out how convenient it is that each document is automatically passed from person to person during the signing process, so signatures can be collected quickly and in a hassle-free manner. He also shouted out our document tracking feature, which delivers rolling updates about where everyone is at in the signing process.

The Pain Point


They weren’t interested in developing any additional software, so they needed a turnkey eSigning API.

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Instead of chasing people down, we are now able to receive instant signatures using Signeasy.
Sudi Guda
HR Specialist
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