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Moreland University leverages Signeasy’s API to streamline contract management

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Moreland University

Moreland University leverages Signeasy’s API to streamline contract management

Numbers showing the positive impact of Signeasy on Moreland University's contract management. 70% reduction in contract turnaround time


Moreland University is an institution dedicated to providing innovative and accessible teacher education programs. They understand that effective educators need a strong foundation in theory combined with the ability to translate that knowledge into engaging classroom experiences. That’s why Moreland’s programs incorporate both rigorous academic coursework and practical, hands-on opportunities.

Moreland University uses Signeasy’s API integration to manage contracts seamlessly. Their admissions and candidate success departments have left behind the sluggish and expensive manual paperwork. With Signeasy’s API, these processes are faster, simpler, and fully digital, saving time, reducing costs, and creating a smoother experience for both staff and candidates.

Moreland University: Educating tomorrow’s teachers globally

Established in 2012, Moreland University breaks the mold of traditional education. Based in Washington, D.C., they offer fully accredited (DEAC & CAEP) online programs, making quality teacher training accessible to a global audience.

What sets Moreland apart? 

Well, their vibrant online learning community is something to start with. Candidates from over 165 countries bring diverse perspectives and voices to the virtual classroom, elevating the learning experience. This global exchange fosters a deeper understanding of educational challenges and solutions.

Moreland’s mission is to empower educators to become resourceful problem-solvers and navigate classrooms to meet the demands of the future.

We spoke with Shelbie Goodnow to better understand the challenges of Moreland University’s previous contract management processes and the benefits of Signeasy. Shelbie, who joined Moreland as an instructor in 2015, has held various roles and now oversees day-to-day operations. She shared valuable insights into the improvements and efficiency gains of Signeasy’s integration.

The administrative burden of handling documents manually 

The main challenge Moreland University faced was the inefficiency of their document management system.

Various documents, such as enrollment agreements, MOUs, verification forms, consent forms, scholarship applications, and internship agreements, required meticulous handling and timely completion. This need is especially pronounced in scenarios requiring collaboration between candidates, the admissions department, the database, and the overall university. 

Manual processes were slow, error-prone, and time-consuming. Enrolling candidates meant emailing agreements, which candidates had to print, sign, scan, and upload—a tedious multi-step process. 

It was quite manual and hectic,” Shelbie recalled. Partner schools, candidates, mentors, and others relied on similar manual processes, leading to delays, lost documents, frequent follow-ups, and a significant administrative burden.

Optimizing operational processes through digital documentation

With Signeasy, Moreland University has significantly enhanced efficiency across its administrative workflows. This shift has improved the accuracy and accessibility of critical documents, benefiting both staff and candidates alike.

Easy API integration with custom-built LMS

Moreland University took control of document workflows by integrating Signeasy’s API with its custom-built Learning Management System (LMS). This eliminated the need for a separate web system and streamlined the process of sending, signing, and receiving critical documents.

The result? Moreland’s document management process now operates on autopilot.

Upon enrollment, candidates seamlessly receive and sign agreements within the platform. These documents are then automatically archived within the LMS, ensuring all records are easily accessible and well-organized. This enhances compliance and audit readiness and instills confidence that documents are securely stored.

When asked how the API integration was rolled out, Shelbie explained: 

“It was smooth sailing from the start. The Signeasy team collaborated closely with our tech team to ensure a seamless implementation. They proactively addressed any issues that arose, resolving them swiftly to keep everything on track. Their hands-on approach made the entire integration process straightforward and efficient.”

Streamlining enrollment agreements

Enrollment agreements are a critical part of any admissions process. Before Signeasy, each agreement involved several back-and-forth communications between the university and the prospective candidates. Now, they are sent, signed, and processed digitally.

Shelbie elaborated, “The automation of enrollment agreements has saved us so much time and has greatly reduced errors. It has made the entire admissions process much more efficient.

The API integration ensures that once a document is signed, it is automatically stored in the candidate’s profile within the LMS, making the entire process quicker and more reliable.

Automating memorandums of understanding (MOU)

Placing candidates in practicum programs involved a paper trail of MOUs that required manual data entry—a process prone to errors and delays.  

Manual data entry often leads to mistakes, such as incorrect or incomplete information being entered. Additionally, the need to coordinate between multiple parties—candidates, partner schools, and administrative staff—often resulted in delays. Emails with attachments could be overlooked, lost, or stuck in spam filters, causing further inefficiencies.

Signeasy’s API eliminated these roadblocks by automatically populating MOUs with necessary details, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Simplifying completion verification forms

Program completion at Moreland University involves verification forms that mentor teachers must sign to confirm that candidates have successfully completed their clinical requirements. 

Previously, this process was entirely manual and fraught with delays. With Signeasy, verification forms are now digitally managed, allowing teachers to sign and submit them quickly and easily. 

This digital approach ensures that candidate progress is accurately recorded in real time, eliminating delays and reducing the risk of lost or misplaced documents.

Real-time tracking and notifications

Signeasy’s API integration offers real-time tracking and notifications, enabling Moreland University to monitor all documents' status at any time. This feature particularly benefits the administrative staff, reducing the need for constant follow-ups and reminders. 

With real-time tracking, staff can instantly see which documents are pending, signed, and require further action. This centralized system allows them to manage document workflows with greater efficiency and transparency. 

Additionally, automated notifications ensure all parties involved are promptly informed of any required actions, reducing delays and improving overall workflow. This leads to faster document processing, improved compliance, and a smoother experience for both staff and candidates. 

Measurable gains in processes with efficiency

Since implementing Signeasy API, Moreland University has seen significant improvements in their overall operations.

Effortless onboarding of 200+ new candidates each month

Moreland University enrolls over 200+ new candidates every month, each requiring an enrollment agreement. With Signeasy, the onboarding process has become effortless and streamlined, significantly enhancing the overall experience for both candidates and staff.

Candidates can now complete their enrollment agreements quickly and easily from any device, reducing delays and ensuring they are ready to begin their programs without unnecessary hassle.

For the administrative staff, the digital onboarding process eliminates the repetitive, time-consuming tasks associated with manual paperwork. Staff members no longer need to chase down signatures or manage stacks of physical documents. Instead, they can focus on more critical aspects of their roles.

Signeasy’s eSign API also reduces the potential for errors and lost documents, ensuring that each candidate’s onboarding is completed accurately and promptly. 

By streamlining the enrollment process, Moreland University can maintain a high level of service quality, supporting both the smooth operation of their programs and the success of their candidates.

43% of transactions completed within one hour

With Signeasy, 43% of Moreland University’s contracts are signed within an hour. “We have seen higher enrollment rates because candidates are usually ready to enroll and sign immediately," Shelbie explained. “The API’s ease of use definitely speeds things up.

Cutting turnaround time by 50-70%

Signeasy has significantly reduced Moreland University’s document turnaround time by approximately 50-70%. Shelbie elaborated, "Previously, setting up an MOU took about 15 minutes to manually populate, convert to PDF, and email. Getting it signed could take up to a week. Now, with Signeasy, it’s auto-populated and sent, drastically cutting down our turnaround time.

This reduction in turnaround time has improved overall efficiency and responsiveness. By automating the document preparation and sending process, Moreland University can handle administrative tasks with greater speed and accuracy, ensuring that agreements and other critical documents are processed promptly.

Reflecting on her overall experience with Signeasy, Shelbie had only positive things to say. She remarked, "Signeasy has had a major impact on our operations teams. With everything digitized and automated now, our efficiency has increased significantly. We simply check a report to keep a track of signed forms, which has streamlined our processes tremendously.”

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