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Epicenter Consulting manages contracts in minutes with Signeasy

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Epicenter Consulting manages contracts in minutes with Signeasy


When Epicenter Consulting wanted to take the friction out of their contract signing process, they turned to eSignatures. As a technology business that was working remotely long before COVID-19 changed the way we collaborate, taking their paperwork online – both internally and externally – was the missing piece of the puzzle.  

The Story

Epicenter Consulting is a web application design and development business based out of the United States. Founded in 2008, they first opened up shop in New York City, then dropped a second pin on the map in Houston, Texas.

From UX and UI design to enterprise apps and eCommerce websites, their small and mighty team is a force to be reckoned with. They've created sophisticated user-focused apps for clients like InVision, Guitar World, and HokuBook.


Digitizing workflows

Epicenter is one of the forward-thinking organizations that was working remotely long before COVID-19. As a web dev company with a lean staff and a number of independent contractors, this model has always made lots of sense for them. However, their signature processes weren’t so remote work-friendly: before adopting eSignatures, Director of Finance Alex Juarez said he was sending contracts out for signature via email.

Going paperless

The signer on the other side would have to download, print, sign, then scan the document and email it back. As a business in the tech space, Epicenter felt it was time to leave manual paperwork behind and embrace a fully digitized solution that meshed with the rest of their customer experience.

Streamlining processes

Juarez initially found out about Signeasy after a colleague recommended it to him. Since then, he's been using eSignatures to turn around client contracts, sales agreements, employee agreements, independent contractor agreements, and NDAs

The Solution

One of Epicenter’s most-used features is Signeasy's "templates" tool. They request signatures for a handful of frequently used documents, and the template tool makes it easy to grab paperwork with pre-loaded fields and immediately send them off.

Epicenter gained not only a powerful eSignature capability, but one that integrates with other frequently-used tools. As users of Google Workspace and Google Drive, Signeasy's native integrations with these products made Epicenter’s document management even easier.

When self-signing existing documents, Epicenter employees could do so without ever leaving the Google Drive interface. Similarly, the Gmail add-on allowed for them to sign directly from within an employee’s inbox. Signeasy’s recent addition of a Google Docs integration provides one more place where signers can apply or request signatures, right from within the document itself.

Integrating eSignatures with document creation, storage and transmission takes an additional step out of a previously cumbersome process. The result is improved collaboration and a significantly faster completion of paperwork.

The Pain Point


As a technology business working remote, Epicenter needed a solution that could take their paperwork online, fast!

48,000 businesses use Signeasy everyday to automate contract workflows

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"Collecting eSignatures with Signeasy is an absolute breeze for Epicenter, allowing them to complete paperwork faster than ever before. "Sometimes, if someone is expecting a document, it will happen in minutes!"
Alex Juarez
Director of Finance
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