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SAMSA streamlines customer interaction with Signeasy API


SAMSA streamlines customer interaction with Signeasy API


SAMSA, one of the growing IT services providers in the US, needed an eSignature and contract automation solution as their customer interactions were taking a hit because of outdated quoting processes. Their traditional quoting processes required their clients to print, sign, scan, and email or fax the quotes back to the team, which led to operational delays and frustration. They started using Signeasy API to plug contract automation capabilities into their processes and create richer and more fruitful experiences for their customers. 


SAMSA is an experienced US-Based IT services provider offering a wide range of services, starting from Computer and IT support and Application Development to Web Development and Hosting. Whether residential computer users or large corporations, SAMSA has the knowledge and expertise to cater to their unique IT needs. What started as a “one-man band” providing software development for small businesses has grown into an enterprise offering a wide range of services to over 250 clients in Michigan and throughout the U.S. The team thrives at the intersection of three core values they believe in— timeliness, creativity, and integrity. 


Many business workflows at SAMSA involve processing quotes for their products and services. Most of those quotes turn into orders from customers, which have to be accepted, documented, and processed by multiple stakeholders. They would also turn into purchase orders, resulting in back and forth between vendors across geographies. That means different time zones.

Though the team had an automated system in place to process accepted quotes and feed them into their ordering system, it wasn’t as efficient as it should have been. The reason for this was their cumbersome quoting process. The quotes went out from SAMSA to customers by email, and they had to print, sign, scan, and email/fax them back to the team. This created huge inconvenience for their customers and sabotaged their level of engagement with the SAMSA team. It slowed down the quote acceptance process and impacted customers’ ability to do business with them. 

Things got worse when the pandemic hit and forced everyone from SAMSA to work from home, resulting in limited access to fax machines. They started looking for a modern, intuitive eSignature and contract management platform which they could easily integrate into their ERP system. 

From one pain point to the other, they chose the eSignature and contract workflow automation software that is loved by growing businesses globally — Signeasy. 


SAMSA chose Signeasy because of its ability to interact seamlessly with its native platform, allowing them to automate processes. The robust API endpoints allowed them to manage all aspects of sending and processing documents, including transmitting documents for signature, automatically reminding customers of pending quotes, and withdrawing offers once a quote had expired — all within their ERP system. Signeasy’s webhook support also ensured that their systems were instantly notified when customers accepted quotes, irrespective of the time when it happens. The flexible pricing of Signeasy helped the team navigate smoothly through ever-changing requirements and not fall prey to unnecessary overages.

After implementing Signeasy into quoting/ordering processes and being satisfied with the results, SAMSA further plugged the platform’s capabilities into their annual agreement renewal processes. The team was happy with increased productivity and started exploring other areas for implementation, such as offering eSignature processing for their app and web development clients, who contribute to a major chunk of the revenue.

The effectiveness of Signeasy in simplifying interactions with their clients was something that stood out for the SAMSA team. They realized this when a lot of customers started appreciating their improved processes and shared anecdotes of how happy they were with the faster turnaround time of processed quotes. Signeasy also helped the team save time, bring down administrative costs, and become a paperless ecosystem.

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“Signeasy has been one of the most strategic investments we made at SAMSA. The platform has made it much easier for our customers to do business with us by streamlining the interactions. We have saved time, eliminated paper, and cut down on administrative costs.”
Mike Stackhouse
Founder, President, and CEO
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