H&S Travels & Tours uses Signeasy to simplify and expedite their client’s booking experience

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H&S Travels & Tours uses Signeasy to simplify and expedite their client’s booking experience

The Company

H&S Travels and Tours was founded in 2004 by seasoned travel professionals. From their humble beginnings in Jersey City, they now work with over 200 airlines across the globe, helping customers find affordable plane tickets without the hassle and confusion. They also boast an international footprint, with offices in the United States, Canada, South Africa, and India.

The Challenge

Abbas Alley, a digital marketing specialist who works out of H&S Travels’ Hyderabad, India location, gave us a snapshot of how the company used to handle their paperwork. Prior to discovering our software, they were signing contracts via email. The process required a fair bit of input from their customers.

“Before eSignatures, travelers had to print, scan, and email paperwork to us,” he said. Turnarounds were slow, and it was difficult to keep track of who had or had not signed. H&S Travels handles paperwork from passengers and travelers across the globe, and a majority are located in the US. Since Alley’s branch is based in India, the inability to properly track and manage contracts coming in from across the world was unsustainable.

Instead of tracking hundreds of individual contracts floating around email inboxes, H&S Travels decided it was time to implement a single hub for all of their document signing needs.

It’s important to note that Signeasy was not the first eSignature solution H&S tried out – they also used Docusign for a period of time, but eventually decided to look elsewhere. Alley told us that Signeasy was more cost-effective and provided better customer service (you can always talk to a human!), and he appreciated the fact that we do not limit the number of envelopes users can send off (Docusign caps users at 100).

"Before eSignatures, travelers had to print, scan, and email paperwork to us."

- Abbas Alley, a digital marketing specialist

The Solution

Before committing to Signeasy as their provider, Alley and the team were considering five other solutions. They wanted to shift away from per-document signing to reduce limitations, while prioritizing ease-of-use and legality. Our solution checked all of their boxes, so off they went.

Reduced turnaround times

So far, H&S has received great feedback from their customers – the signing process is easier than ever for them. Alley said the company routinely gets signed contracts returned to them in as little as 5 to 10 minutes.

Simple progress tracking

The H&S Signeasy dashboard gives them insight into who has signed their forms and who has yet to sign. All of the data is easy to understand and available in a single convenient place.

Time-saving templates

The company uses our Templates feature to load customer contracts instead of putting together a brand-new document each time. They can simply save their contract document to the software, make small tweaks for each new customer, then send it off.

The Pain Point

They needed a way to seamlessly collect signatures from customers across the globe.

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