Sign a PDF Online with eSignature

Electronically sign a PDF file in 6 easy steps on any device

How to insert an electronic signature into a PDF

Is adding signatures to documents and PDFs a new challenge for you while working remote? Don’t worry, we are here to simplify this process as much as we can for you with just a few simple steps.

As the world is trying to keep things “business as usual'' in every way possible, we at SignEasy in our own way want to help make everyday business a little easier.

You won’t be needing a scanner, printer, or even patience to now eSign PDFs. Just follow these simple steps below and become a pro at digitally signing agreements, NDAs, offer letters, forms or even acknowledging claims and travel proofs.

Once you have picked your device of choice (desktop, mobile or tablet) let’s get started.

Step 1: Log into SignEasy

The first step to inserting your signature into the PDF document is to log into your SignEasy account.

Why should you login? Because we can save your custom settings and keep your signature embedded and secure.

Step 2: Click ‘Sign’

Select the blue “Sign” button in the bottom and choose the “Sign Yourself” option.

Step 3: Import your PDF from where it is saved on your device

Select the PDF you need to add your signature to.

Step 4: Add your signature

Now comes the part you have been waiting for. In the bottom “Annotations” panel, you’ll see the “Signature” option. Once you configure your digital signature, you can either drag and drop it into the document, or place it with a click. If you don’t like your first attempt, you can remove the signature from the PDF and try multiple times till you are satisfied with “edit” or “delete”.

Step 5: Add other fields

Add all other document fields you need to your Word document, like the date, your name, and your initials.

Step 6: Click Finish

Once you click finish you can download the PDF with the electronic signature and you are all set!