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Expedite paperwork to enhance academic experience

Everyone within the educational system spends several hours on mundane administrative tasks and paperwork. 69% of educators agree that paperwork interferes with their job of teaching. That’s why switching to electronic signatures is imperative.

Features and Benefits

Streamline operations across departments

With electronic signatures, educators can reduce the paperwork involved in so many areas, right from recruiting teachers and student application processing to getting permissions and onboarding new students. All this means more time spent on teaching, learning, and research.

Simplify processes for students

Students have been embracing digital technologies and trends faster than any other age groups. With electronic signatures, educational institutions can digitize most of the processes, making it comfortable for the enrolled students and showcase value to the applicants.

Improve communication with guardians

With educational institutions and guardians working in unison to provide the most holistic educational experience, electronic signatures are an important tool to keep the communication going. Digital documents allow guardians and educators to stay in contact frequently, interact transparently, and reduce the time taken on permissions and paperwork.

Reduce costs

Digital documentation and electronic signatures can help cut down the cost associated with printing, overnight deliveries, couriers, copying, filing and storing paperwork. Automating these processes will save money and time and help schools and universities improve productivity.

Use Cases

Schools and universities use electronic signatures in a range of situations such as

  • Forms
  • Student loan documents
  • Financial aid paperwork
  • Contracts
  • Offer letters
  • Letters of reasonable assurance
  • HR documents
  • ID documents
  • Rule sheets
  • Course enrollments
  • Parking forms
  • Permission slips
  • Progress reports
  • Timesheets
  • Change-of-course forms
  • Leave applications
  • Teacher reports

“SignEasy has made processing leave requests simple, fast and highly efficient;
saving me and my staff members massive amounts of time.”

Stewart B. Jesse | Director, Glass City Academy Group

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