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CVUSD digitizes signing workflows with Signeasy

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Covina-Valley Unified School District

CVUSD digitizes signing workflows with Signeasy


Seemingly overnight, the Covina-Valley Unified School District had to take all of their in-person workflows online due to COVID-19. Previously they were constantly processing hard-copy paperwork, internally and externally. As soon as they shut their doors indefinitely, they began looking for an eSigning solution that would have them up and running in no time.

The company

The Covina-Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) is located in sunny Covina, California. For more than a century, CVUSD has served the communities of Covina, West Covina, Glendora, San Dimas, and Irwindale.

The challenge

When COVID-19 hit, the world shifted to remote work nearly overnight – and for school districts, the transition was especially abrupt. Matt Chiappone, Program Specialist of Technology at CVUSD, cited this rapid shift as the catalyst for their shift to eSignatures.

With their facilities closed indefinitely, the staff needed a way to get all of their regular documents signed from a distance. They still had a need to process all kinds of paperwork, and given the abruptness of their transition to digital, they were looking for a solution that required little to no training and could be implemented quickly.

CVUSD needed a solution that would get them off the ground fast, the challenge at the time was “everyone is remote tomorrow!” – so there wasn’t a single moment to waste onboarding a complicated platform. And anyone who knows Signeasy knows that we keep things simple and streamlined every step of the way.

The solution

CVUSD is using eSignatures to handle their internal paperwork paperwork across multiple departments. Now, they can quickly and easily sign vendor contracts, board meeting documentation, vacation requests, sick requests, and more.

The payroll department, for example, is using Signeasy to get signatures on attendance tracking documents along with benefits, time-off, overtime, and tax deduction (W-4) documents, while the secretary to the principal is using Signeasy’s template link feature to allow students to register for events online. In fact, CVUSD has all but eliminated hard copy paperwork thanks to Signeasy!

Since some of their documents require signatures from more than 10 different people, consistency and accuracy is key for CVUSD. When it comes to collaborating with people outside their organization, guest signers like that they can sign documents on their computer or on mobile without having to create a Signeasy account.

Next, they’ve got their sights set on looping parents into the eSigning workflow: now that classes are slated to be held online for at least the fall semester, Chiappone is hoping to provide parents with the same intuitive system that his internal departments are using every day. CVUSD has already started with the requirement for departments to send IEP (Individualized Education Program) documents to parents for signatures.

The Pain Point


Needed a solution that would get them off the ground fast

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"When COVID-19 hit, the world shifted to remote work nearly overnight – and for school districts, the transition was especially abrupt. This rapid shift was the catalyst for their shift to eSignatures, and we chose Signeasy for how intuitive and easy-to-use it is."
Matt Chiappone
Program Specialist of Technology
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