Sales professionals can close deals faster with SignEasy

A more productive sales department with SignEasy

On an average, sales folks spend more than one-third (36%) of their time on administrative tasks*, which leaves them with less time to focus on what matters the most - closing deals. With SignEasy's electronic signature, they can leave all the paperwork hassles behind and get to revenue faster.


Bring in the revenue, faster

Getting a sales contract signed by the client will no longer take several days. With SignEasy's electronic signature solution, close the deal in a few minutes and let the revenue flow faster.


Build a productive sales force

Take your attention off paperwork and operational tasks, and instead focus on building a healthy pipeline, improving the lead-to-win funnel and growing revenue.


Digitize processes and improve visibility

With a huge deal of paperwork, misplacing and losing documents is almost inevitable. SignEasy relieves the sales teams from this burden through an end-to-end digitized process in a convenient and cost-efficient way.


Delight your customers

By letting the client sign contracts anywhere, anytime and on any device, you create a smooth and efficient experience for them. That’s why 68% of best-in-class sales teams have made the switch to electronic signatures to improve customer experience.

*Source: Bridging the document disconnect in sales - An IDC whitepaper

Use Cases

Sales professionals can use electronic signatures to get documents signed across different stages of the quote-to-close cycle and beyond, such as

  1. Sales orders
  2. Invoices
  3. Customer agreements
  4. Proposals & Bids
  6. Sales contracts/renewals
  7. End-user agreements
  8. Financing agreements
  9. Compliance processes
  10. Purchase orders

It's a part of my process for how I initiate a relationship with a client or start a new project with an existing client. I can't imagine what I'd do without SignEasy as it has become such an integral part of my business life.

Natalya Bah | CEO, Natalya H. Bah Consulting

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