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10 best CRM software for small businesses in 2022

A CRM system is a tool that helps companies to better understand their customers and improve their business performance. We've put together the 10 best CRM software in the market today for 2022.

Regina Motupalli
Regina Motupalli
October 21, 2021
 min read
10 best CRM software for small businesses in 2022

Frequently asked questions

What is a CRM software used for?
A CRM system is a single source of truth for all your sales, customer, and prospect data. Typically, it helps with the sales team’s process automation, lead management, recording of service issues, and marketing campaign management in one centralized location.
What is the most commonly used CRM software?
Some of the most commonly used CRM software options are Zendesk Sell, Sales Creatio, Insightly CRM, Capsule CRM, Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning Professional, and Freshsales.
What does a CRM do and what are some of its examples?
Customer relationship management (CRM) software enables SMBs to collate, organize, analyze, and display details of each customer interaction. It also automates the sales team’s workflows. Examples of CRM systems include marketing, sales, and customer service, and support.
Regina Motupalli
Regina Motupalli
Regina Motupalli is the Content Marketing Specialist at Signeasy. With over a decade of industry expertise, she specialise in helping B2C and B2B brands effectively market their products and services to the right customers.
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