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Best electronic signature software for real estate

Find the best electronic signature solution for real estate. Streamline contract signing, improve efficiency, and ensure legal compliance with top eSignature tools.

Rachana Chotia
Rachana Chotia
June 13, 2024
 min read
Best electronic signature software for real estate

Frequently asked questions

Is digital signature valid on agreement?
The short answer is yes. The long answer is- most countries around the globe have made electronically signed agreements valid or legally binding. Their validity is backed by several laws such as, ESIGN Act, ESRA, and eIDAS regulation.
What is the legal validity of digital signature on agreements?
The legal validity of digital signatures on agreements is mainly based on two factors- specific national laws and the adherence to those laws during the signing process. To ensure a digital signature is legally sound, it's crucial to follow the regulations in the relevant jurisdiction and use a reputable eSignature platform that adheres to those guidelines.
Can digital signatures be used for property registration?
Yes, you can use digital signatures for property registration. You can also use eSignatures for various other real estate documents, including Rent agreements, Sales contracts, Closing disclosures, Offers to purchase, floor plans, leases, affidavits, mortgage forms, and brokerage agreements.
Which real estate documents can not be digitally signed?
In the United States, most real estate documents can be signed electronically if all parties agree and the platform complies with relevant laws. However, notarization requirements for contracts like deeds and mortgages can pose limitations. While remote online notarization (RON) is allowed in some states, it is not universally accepted. States like California have specific notarization rules that may restrict e-signatures. States without RON require in-person notarization, limiting fully electronic transactions. However, some countries, like India, have specific restrictions on eSignatures for certain types of real estate documents, such as those involving the sale of property.
What are the eSignature costs for real estate companies?
Costs for real estate companies can vary depending on several factors, including- the number of users, advanced features, security measures, and signing volumes. For more information about eSignature pricing for real estate companies 👉
What are electronic signatures and paperless transactions in real estate?
Electronic signatures are a fast, secure, convenient, and legally binding way to sign documents digitally. These electronic signatures allow you to sign, share, track, and handle documents from any device, eliminating the need for paperless transactions.
Rachana Chotia
Rachana Chotia
Rachana is the Content Marketing Manager at Signeasy, where she works with the product & customer teams to create content related to eSignature and contract workflows. In her free time, she enjoys going for walks, watching anime, and reading a good book.
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