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S&C Homebuyers increases efficiency by 99.7% with Signeasy

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S&C Homebuyers

S&C Homebuyers increases efficiency by 99.7% with Signeasy

The Company

S&C Homebuyers is a premium real estate redevelopment company that deals with properties in Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut. The company buys and renovates residential properties, then puts them up either for resale or rent once they are spruced up.

The Challenge

Robert Couture – the Managing Partner at S&C Homebuyers – and his team are always on the go, either visiting prospective properties, negotiating with buyers and sellers, or managing existing projects all over town. S&C Homebuyers conducts dozens of transactions a year and drafts over 400 written offers in that same time frame. All of these processes require signatures from one or both of the company’s partners, and third-party signatures when applicable. The team is always racing against the clock: if they can't get a contract revised and signed on the spot, they risk losing it altogether. In an effort to stack the odds in their favour, S&C Homebuyers was on the lookout for a solution to help them eliminate the roadblocks that paperwork had been placing in front of them when it came to closing a deal.

The Solution

Signeasy presented the perfect solution for S&C Homebuyers, cementing itself as an integral part of their processes. With Signeasy, team members can sign contracts or offers whenever necessary. For example, they can be onsite with a buyer or seller and pull up an offer form. This capability not only allows employees to sign the document themselves, but a client signature can also be acquired on the spot. In many other situations, it is rare to have all of the signers in the same place at the same time - that’s when Signeasy’s Remote Signing feature comes in handy. This feature lets users create a list of people that must sign the document, sending it off to all parties involved with a request for signature.

Prior to implementing Signeasy, the team needed print/scan capabilities to get these offers or contracts closed out. With Signeasy, paperwork that used to take 12-24 hours now takes 2-4 minutes to complete. In short, what once took an entire workday to process is now wrapped up in the time it takes for a coffee break. Efficiency is up by 99.7%, and deals are routinely saved because they can be secured in real-time.


Improved remote operations

As told by Managing Partner Robert Couture, "The Remote Signing feature has been a real game changer for us. It has allowed us to completely 'cut the cord' with our printer/scanner and be truly remote in all of our document signing."

Faster form completion

Using the Text, Date, and Custom Fields feature, the S&C Homebuyers team is able to easily fill document fields such as the property owner’s name, relevant dates, the property’s address, and offer terms thanks to a specialized template saved as a draft. The best part is, all of this can be taken care of directly from a phone!

Improved mobility

The team is always on the move, and the ability to take care of a document on the go makes them more mobile than ever.

The Pain Point


Needed a way to eliminate paperwork to close deals on the spot.

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"With Signeasy, paperwork that took 12-24 hours now takes 2-4 minutes. That means, what earlier took an entire workday is now completed in a tea break. Efficiency is up by 99.7%. Deals are saved because they can be secured in real time."
Robert Couture
Managing Partner
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