How to make your HR go digital

It’s time for your HR to go digital! Most businesses can no longer afford to store physical personnel files.

Not only is it expensive and not the most secure storage option, but with more companies wanting to go paperless, this is the best time to digitalize your documents.

Every good Human Resources department knows how much paperwork is involved in onboarding and off-boarding staff. The larger the team, the more documentation there is that needs to be signed, sealed and organized for all your business needs! If you haven’t considered digital documentation before, then you really are making it difficult for Human Resources.

Why not keep it simple for them and your business and have a secure, easy-to-search digital filing system?

Save costs, save time and become efficient with Signeasy, the Electronic Signature solution.

“Signeasy is fast, efficient and saves us a lot of hassle.” – Kathy Winchell, HR Director, Dalhart Independent School District, USA

How can HR go digital if documents need to be signed?

Wait. The reason HR usually print documents is because at least one of the parties need to sign them, don’t they?

Well, with Signeasy, it’s easy-peasy to avoid the printer, scanner, photocopier and still have paperwork signed electronically.

Just imagine how much your administrative work will be reduced if you avoid these technical beasts when your HR goes digital!

What documents can HR sign electronically?

There is no limit to the types of documents you can have signed and stored safely.

Here are just a few examples of HR documents that existing Signeasy clients use on a frequent base. We have already helped over 10 million documents get signed!

Onboarding process

  • Offer letters
  • Employment contract
  • Job descriptions
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Retention bonus agreements
  • Employment handbook
  • Business terms of service
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Company pension agreements
  • Health insurance
  • Equality & diversity questionnaire
  • Employee personal data i.e. contact details, next of kin

During employment

Even if you aren’t in an active hiring phase are always several policies that you will want you to have signed as and when they get updated:

  • General HR policies & procedures
  • Data protection & privacy policy
  • Communications & IT policies
  • Casual worker agreements
  • Leave of absence / PTO forms
  • Zero hours contracts
  • Grievance policy
  • Intellectual property policy
  • Health & safety policy
  • Promotion agreements
  • Roles & responsibility updates
  • Appraisal forms
  • Goal agreement forms
  • Training certification
  • Bonus agreements
  • Manage guide agreements
  • Time sheets
  • Incident report forms

The exit process

  • Notification of indefinite or temporary layoff
  • End of contract agreement / separation notification
  • Exit interview attestation

HR Go digital

How easy is it to set up?

It is very easy to help your HR go digital and establish a more effective HR workflow automation with Signeasy.

We grow with your business!

Firstly, consider how many users you will need to have access to the documents. You can have different levels of access, if only a few individuals need access to more critical employee data, but a large amount need access to the majority of the stored files.

At any stage, you can increase the number of users, and the more users you have, the more cost-effective Signeasy becomes.

Despite this, Signeasy is still considered the best value Electronic Signature solution on the market – just see the third-party reviews on G2, if you don’t believe us.

Apple has also named us the Best Business App, an accolade we were more than happy to receive.

Use ready-to-share templates

You can upload a multitude of file formats as templates in the Signeasy dashboard – whether it is a PDF, Google Doc, Microsoft Office document, or even an image.

Our tech wizardry then converts them into secure PDFs that you can then amend and annotate as needed.

Then, simply email them to your potential employee or to the entire office from the dashboard.

If you’re offline or want to sign up some hot talent on the stop before they are grabbed by a competitor, then you can also sign offline or in-person.

HR Go digital

Signeasy provides the simplest solution for signing documents electronically, and works on your desktop, smartphone (both iOS and Android, naturally), and tablet.

Simultaneous signing

You need several signatures on the same document? No problem! You can use the system to get multiple signatures to sign – even at the same time.

That’s just how nifty Signeasy is.

While we love features and are constantly innovating, unlike many of our competitors, our focus is on making it as simple as possible for you to use.

Legally binding

If your HR goes digital, you don’t need to worry that electronically signed documents won’t be legally binding – they are.

Precedent has already been set in courts of law across the globe that attest that signatures are binding.

Every signature can be tracked and verified, from the IP address to the timestamp of the signature – which is more accurate and fool-proof than handwritten signatures.

HR Go digital

100% compliant

Signeasy takes personal data very serious and is compliant with the ESign Act and GDPR.

All data is encrypted so only the individuals you want to can see the documentation, even if the data is in motion.

Just to be clear, none of the Signeasy team has access to any of your personnel’s data if it hasn’t been explicitly shared with us, so when your HR goes digital, all critical data is 100% protected.

Safe to store

This is what we think is cool: you can connect Signeasy to your existing business solutions, whether it is your CRM, email or storage system.

We are integrated with the leading third-party apps, including Google Drive, Gmail, Dropbox, Box and Zoho.

If you ned a specific solution to connect with your technology, then you can help your HR go digital with our API solution.

Unlike many competitors, we believe in open source and will never tie you in or cross-sell other products.

If you want to keep it simple, your personalized dashboard also acts as a handy, searchable storage system if you like.

Multi-lingual team friendly

Do you have a team across the globe? No problem! Signeasy is available in a whopping 22 languages, which is way more than most Electronic Signature solutions for SMBs.

JohnnyJet says we’re ideal for business travel too!

“This easy-to-use app allows you to digitally sign documents anywhere in the world straight from your mobile device in lickity-split time,” Jet says. “You’ll save time, money and paper.”

Join our online revolution and help your HR go digital today!

With our 14-day free trial, you’ve got nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

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