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How to create a handwritten signature online

Learn how to easily create a personalized handwritten signature with our signature maker. Create a unique signature for documents, emails and more with Signeasy!

Rachana Chotia
Rachana Chotia
June 19, 2024
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How to create a handwritten signature online

Frequently asked questions

What is the app that creates handwritten signatures?
There are several apps that create handwritten signatures, including Signeasy, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and Docusign. These apps allow you to draw, type, or upload an image of your signature to sign digital documents. They offer various features like cloud storage, security measures, and compatibility with multiple devices to make signing documents convenient and secure.
How do I digitize my handwritten signature?
To digitize your handwritten signature, sign your name on paper with a dark pen, then scan it using a scanner or take a photo with your smartphone. Save the image as a JPG or PNG file and use a photo editor to clean it up if needed. You can then use this digital signature in documents or upload it to eSignature apps like Signeasy, Adobe Acrobat, or Docusign.
Can I create a handwritten signature in Word?
Yes, you can create a handwritten signature in Word. First, sign your name on paper and scan it or take a clear photo. Save the image as a JPG or PNG file. In Word, go to the "Insert" tab, click "Pictures," and select your signature image. Adjust its size and position as needed. To reuse it easily, save the image as an AutoText entry by selecting it, going to "Insert," clicking "Quick Parts," and choosing "Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery." This way, you can quickly insert your handwritten signature into any Word document.
What is an online handwritten signature?
An online handwritten signature is a digital version of your handwritten signature that you can create and use for signing electronic documents. It involves either drawing your signature on a touch screen or using a mouse, typing your name in a handwritten-style font, or uploading an image of your physical signature. These digital signatures can be added to documents using various eSignature apps like Signeasy, Adobe Acrobat, and Docusign. Online handwritten signatures provide a convenient, secure, and legally recognized way to sign documents remotely, enhancing efficiency and reducing the need for physical paperwork.
How are digital handwritten signatures verified?
Digital handwritten signatures are verified using encryption and secure digital certificates. The eSignature platform creates a unique digital fingerprint of the signed document, ensuring it hasn't been altered. This process, often combined with authentication methods like email verification or two-factor authentication, ensures the signature's authenticity and integrity.
Is online handwritten signed agreement legal?
Yes, online handwritten signed agreements are legal. Many countries, including the U.S. and those in the EU, recognize eSignatures as legally binding under laws like the ESIGN Act and eIDAS Regulation. These laws ensure that electronic signatures have the same legal status as traditional handwritten signatures, provided they meet certain criteria for authenticity and consent.
How do I send a handwritten signature?
To send a handwritten signature electronically, first sign your name on paper and scan it or take a clear photo, or use a digital signature tool to create it directly. Save the signature as a JPG or PNG file, then insert it into the document using an editor like Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, or an eSignature apps such as Signeasy. Save the signed document and send it via email or a secure file-sharing service. eSignature apps can streamline this process by allowing you to create, insert, and send your signature within the same platform.
Rachana Chotia
Rachana Chotia
Rachana is the Content Marketing Manager at Signeasy, where she works with the product & customer teams to create content related to eSignature and contract workflows. In her free time, she enjoys going for walks, watching anime, and reading a good book.
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