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Top contract management software in 2022

Choosing contract management software for your fast-growing business is now easy. Read on to find a list of the most popular CLM software and their features.

Samira Shaikh
Samira Shaikh
August 18, 2022
 min read
Top contract management software in 2022

Frequently asked questions

Do contract management software programs help manage contracts?
Contract management software aims to help organizations manage, store, and organize contracts. These tools often include an online contract repository and capabilities for the author and other parties to collaborate on contracts. Enterprises can automate contract creation and management processes using contract lifecycle management (CLM) software.
What is the importance of contract management software?
Two of the biggest benefits are organization and digitization. Unlike physical copies of contracts which are easily misplaced, digitization safely stores them for later retrieval with contract management solutions. They also reduce storage space. Organizing and tracking contracts digitally make it easier for businesses to locate and access them in the future.
Contract management versus contract analysis: What's the difference?
Contract analysis is a subunit that falls under contract management, which encompasses contract creation, storage, tracking, and management. Alternatively, contract analysis only focuses on analyzing the terms of contracts in-depth with textual analysis. Products designed to analyze contracts use language processing technologies that can be rules-based or artificial intelligence (AI) technology-based, like natural language processing (NLP). Legal services providers, government organizations, and companies use contract analysis tools frequently.
Samira Shaikh
Samira Shaikh
Samira is a Content Specialist at Signeasy, where she creates meaningful stories alongside a bunch of lovely humans. She believes in sparking empathy with words and making memories with good food.
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