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MagicBell masters the art of ‘100% remote’ with Signeasy

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MagicBell masters the art of ‘100% remote’ with Signeasy


Since its inception in 2020, MagicBell has been building the gold standard for useful notification experiences. Notifications, when done right, carry the power to create direction and drive action. As a remote-first business with employees worldwide, MagicBell could not rely on traditional paper-based document workflows for its HR, Sales, and Finance teams. This led them to Signeasy, which has become an integral part of their departmental workflows today, making it easy to sign, send, and manage essential and critical business documents.


In an always-connected world with endless distractions, MagicBell was born to curate impactful notification systems that can be built lightning-fast. The company’s mission is to empower product teams worldwide to build relevant notification experiences. With a real-time notification inbox, MagicBell seamlessly delivers web-push, mobile, email, and in-app notifications for its users. The brand promises to offer a solution that is easy to integrate and run so that its customers can save time and money spent on coding efforts.


From language barriers to cultural differences to time zone hurdles, MagicBell wanted to successfully navigate the challenges of managing a 100% remote team. Wet-ink signatures were a natural misfit for their business to operate remotely. They quickly realized the inefficiencies of the cumbersome pen-and-paper way for critical paperwork like NDAs, GDPR-related documents, etc. This led them to look for an eSignature solution that offers speed, ease of use, and security for their internal and external document workflows.


With Signeasy, MagicBell was able to quickly adopt and automate an eSignature workflow that was intuitive and efficient. Their learning curve with Signeasy was minimal, email back and forth was eliminated, and documents were signed within minutes. 

Mark O’ Toole, Head of Operations at MagicBell, stated that it was extremely easy to upload documents, define signees, and add signatures in required fields in a few clicks.

Signeasy enables MagicBell to continue offering its stakeholders a seamless digital signing experience while boosting the team’s productivity. Different departments across MagicBell, including HR, Sales, and Finance, use Signeasy for signing documents like NDAs, contracts, job offers, employment contracts, financial reports, quarterly reports, and more. While the product is being used primarily for external workflows at MagicBell, the team is also very optimistic about scaling its use for internal workflows.

The Pain Point


Needed an eSignature solution to digitize document workflows for a remote team

48,000 businesses use Signeasy everyday to automate contract workflows

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“You know where exactly the document is in the workflow, how many people have signed it, and you instantly get notified when all the signees have completed their actions. That’s so cool.”
Mark O' Toole
Head of Operations
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