Best signature app for 2021

Now that electronic signatures have made their way into our everyday workflows, the competitive landscape is fierce. It’s no longer enough for eSignature software providers to offer excellent web experiences: they must also be optimized for use on mobile, with an app that’s just as feature-rich and intuitive as the desktop version.

Today, we’ll be diving into the best electronic signature app options in 2021, and what makes each one of them unique.

Quick definition: what is an electronic signature?

An electronic signature – not to be confused with a digital signature – is the virtual equivalent of your wet ink signature. You can use your eSignature to sign nearly any type of document, from agreements and contracts to NDAs and invoices. Most platforms make it easy to sign different document types, including a PDF document, Word document, or a spreadsheet.

In fact, you can even use your electronic signature to sign a legal document! According to the ESIGN Act in the United States and eIDAS in the European Union, among other global legislation, eSignatures are as legally binding as a handwritten signature.

Benefits of switching to electronic signatures

Oh my, where to begin? Taking your document workflows online is the key to increased productivity and major time savings.

  • Reduce document turnaround times from weeks and months to days or even hours!
  • Sign paperwork from anywhere in the world, at any time, on your mobile device or tablet
  • Eliminate the need for printing, scanning, and overnighting physical paperwork
  • Request signatures directly from decision-makers
  • Quickly self-sign documents from within familiar ecosystems using partner integrations
  • Go green: reduce your paper consumption by digitizing your processes

Choosing the right electronic signature app for your business

We get it – looking into electronic signature app options can be overwhelming! Before we break down your options, let’s go over a few basic requirements to look for in an electronic signature software:

It should be intuitive

Whether you’re using your new platform on desktop or as a mobile app, the user experience should feel totally natural and seamless. If that’s not the case, you’ll be far less likely to enjoy using it on a daily or weekly basis.

It should be secure

Data security is a primary concern for businesses of all sizes. To ensure your information remains protected, your chosen electronic signature app should comply with major data security regulations like GDPR.

It should offer a trial

The only way to really understand whether a signature app is right for you is to experience it for yourself. Typically, a user won’t commit to a paid plan unless they can take it for a test drive first!

Top electronic signature apps for 2021

Top electronic signature apps

Have an important document you need to sign? These electronic signature software providers are the best in the business.

DocuSign: best for enterprise

Arguably one of the most recognizable names in the eSignature space, DocuSign is a popular choice among larger businesses who have complex document signing needs. It is a feature-rich platform that has an app for both iOS and Android, with a broad range of partner integrations (including Microsoft, Zoho, and G Suite) and a strong focus on data security when it comes to storing information as well as collecting each electronic signature.

A handy “Quick View” feature gives users a snapshot of any documents that require action, are still pending, are about to expire due to a lack of signature, or have already been completed. Additionally, the “Reports” tab is useful for the user who frequently sends documents off for signature, featuring a breakdown of how many documents were sent, how quickly recipients signed, and more.

SignEasy: best for SMBs

This mobile-first electronic signature solution is designed for small- and medium-sized businesses that need a powerful solution without the excess. Available on iOS and Android, SignEasy delivers a remarkably intuitive user experience with a rich feature suite, including popular options like document templates for frequently signed files.

SignEasy integrates with document workflow staples like Microsoft Teams, Zapier, and Google Workspace, allowing users to eSign a document (including a Google Doc or Google Sheet) from within that same ecosystem. It also enables airtight data security by providing an audit trail for each signed document. Users have also praised SignEasy for its fantastic customer support, which is available 24/7 and provided by real humans!

HelloSign: best for heavy cloud storage users

The fact that HelloSign was acquired by Dropbox should tell you everything you need to know about its cloud compatibility. While HelloSign integrates with other cloud storage platforms, signing a document from within Dropbox is as simple as finding the file you want to sign, then clicking “choose.” The eSigning interface will automatically pop up from there.

When a collaborator returns a signed document back to you, it will also automatically file itself away in the cloud. HelloSign is available on iOS and Android.

PandaDoc: best for collecting payments

Do you often need to collect payments from vendors and customers after they complete your signature requests? How about asking for a deposit after a contract is signed? If so, PandaDoc may be your best bet. Whether you’re using this app on web, iOS, or Android, PandaDoc prompts signers to enter their credit card information upon providing their electronic signature, so the charge can be processed immediately.

Ready to get started with an eSignature app?

Like any other software, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to an electronic signature app. If you’re an SMB that wants to turn paperwork around faster, more securely, and with way less hassle, give SignEasy a try. We offer a free 14-day trial for every new user – create an account today to claim yours and experience the power of eSignatures for yourself!

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