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Khatabook aces remote onboarding with Signeasy

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A complete guide to remote onboarding

Khatabook aces remote onboarding with Signeasy

Traditionally, onboarding can be divided into 4 phases. There is the initial development, ongoing process and training, retention and then finally comes separation. But what happens to these dynamics between an employee and their employer when all of this is remote?

As any HR professional will tell you, paperwork never goes away. Whether it is remote onboarding or exit, we can make sure you have all the tools that you will need to make sure the communication and contracts are just as smooth, even remote. Check what we recommend and what our partners and integrations have to offer to make your onboarding experience easier.

Learn how one of our partners, KhataBook, an online business app that helps manage ledgers, turns to Signeasy to onboard new hires quickly!


When COVID-19 forced KhataBook's entire team into a remote work setup, their paper-based document processes were no longer going to cut it. They needed a digital solution – and fast.

The Company

KhataBook builds utility solutions for India's thriving SMB sector. Their first product, an Android App that enables local businesses to record the credit they extend to customers using a digital ledger, went viral. The app has since been downloaded more than 10 million times. With an impressive suite of angel investors behind them and an unstoppable growth record, KhataBook found themselves outgrowing wet ink signatures and looking for a better solution.

The Challenge

Like countless other businesses across the globe, KhataBook's digital transformation was catalyzed by COVID-19. The company had always relied on paper-based processes to onboard all of their new hires, and the same was true for any employee-related paperwork. If a contract needed to be signed, it was printed, marked with wet ink, and physically filed away. 

When the swift transition to remote work rendered that system unusable, KhataBook seized the opportunity to pivot to a digital solution. And while that decision may have been brought on by extenuating circumstances, it's one that will change their paperwork workflows forever.

The Solution

KhataBook is currently using Signeasy to automate their internal HR paperwork processes – namely collecting signatures for employee agreements, new hire contracts, and provident funds.

One of their most-used features is our "template links," which is particularly handy for users who need a large number of people to sign the same type of document. For example, if you need hundreds of employees to sign a consent form, or if you're onboarding a cohort of a dozen new interns.

Instead of uploading a document to Signeasy and entering each signer's email address, KhataBook's HR team simply creates a document template, then shares the template link with everyone who needs to sign a copy. The link can be sent via email, messenger, even WhatsApp – whatever is best! 

As a company that often handles documents that are dozens or even hundreds of pages long, KhataBook is also a frequent "fields" user. Fields indicate where signers need to provide information, which helps reduce errors, omissions, and unnecessary back-and-forth.

The Pain Point


Disrupted by Covid-19, digital ledger app KhataBook needed a quick, paperless solution to onboard new hires.

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“Signeasy has been an invaluable asset to our business at KhataBook. By automating our internal HR paperwork processes, we have been able to save valuable time and resources while ensuring that all our employee agreements, new hire contracts, and provident funds are efficiently managed. The “template links” feature has been particularly helpful, enabling our HR team to streamline the process of getting a large number of people to sign the same type of documents.”
The Khatabook team
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