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GoToCourt reinvents faster client onboarding with Signeasy


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Go to Court Lawyers

GoToCourt reinvents faster client onboarding with Signeasy

The Company

Go to Court Lawyers (GTC) is a provider of legal services based in sunny Australia. They conduct business using a special hotline, as well as an online booking service, to get potential clients through the door for a consultation as soon as possible. GTC’s impressive network stretches from one end of the country to the other, linking their clients to a wide range of legal professionals in various domains.

The Challenge

When someone is on the hunt for legal representation, they need a lawyer yesterday. GTC understands this urgency well, and if a dedicated hotline that’s open until midnight wasn’t proof enough, they are all about efficiency.

When GTC receives a request for consultation, a lawyer is dispatched to meet the prospective client and go over their personal situation. If the individual is a good fit, it’s time to sign on the dotted line right then and there.

This is where things used to get complicated for the GTC lawyers. Before each meeting, they would need to print up a host of documents to bring along: whether or not any given prospect ended up coming on as a client, there were signatures to be inked and forms to be filled.

The promise of paperwork loomed constantly, and the responsibility to print, manually complete, scan, and file each paper was putting a wrench in the works. Hard copy documentation seemed to directly negate their efforts to provide a lightning-fast onboarding experience. So they found a better way.

  • Onboarding could not be completed if individuals forgot to bring documents or information along
  • Carrying around stacks of paper was cumbersome for the lawyers
  • Clients needed services fast, but documentation was slowing GTC down
We use it constantly – every day, every week.

The Solution

Signeasy has taken GTC from notepads to iPads.

Lawyers have modernized the onboarding experience with iPads

Now, each lawyer heads to their consultations equipped with a tablet and our software. The four core documents that underpin each meeting are pre-loaded using Signeasy’s Templates feature, so that they’re ready to go when it’s time to sign.

“Our lawyers use Signeasy pretty much every day,” said James Habjan, Technical Support Officer at GTC. The company averages about 200 initial consults a week, cementing Signeasy as a staple around the office.

Turnaround times have been slashed thanks to instant processing

“The accounts team is getting things rolling a lot faster. They have all the documents they need in the Signeasy app – it’s very user-friendly for our lawyers who don’t use ipads that often.”

The firm gets great use out of the in-person signing feature, simply handing each client an iPad so they can fill and sign documents on the spot. Plus, if someone forgets to bring an essential document or file to their consultation, all is not lost.

Commonly-used document templates are available on the cloud

“If you have a client that needs to come back to you with further details, you can save the document as a draft, which I’ve rarely seen on other platforms,” said Mr. Habjan. “That makes it perfect for lawyers.”

The Pain Point


Lawyers needed a way to spend more time with clients and less time dealing with paperwork

48,000 businesses use Signeasy everyday to automate contract workflows

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“The accounts team is getting things rolling a lot faster. They have all the documents they need in the Signeasy app – it’s very user-friendly for our lawyers who don’t use ipads that often.”
James Habjan
Technical Support Officer
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