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Cleartrip enhances partner onboarding experience with Signeasy

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Cleartrip enhances partner onboarding experience with Signeasy

The Company

Founded in 2006, Cleartrip was started with a simple mission in mind: to provide a comprehensive travel experience. Fast-forward a few years, and it is now one of the leading players in India’s online travel marketplace, with an exhaustive listing of over 600,000 hotels around the world.

The Challenge

Cleartrip was looking to invest heavily in its hotels segment to expand their footprint in West Asia. The team was working hard to ramp up their product to offer an enhanced hotel experience. However, they were struggling to improve the hotel partner onboarding process. Here is a list of challenges they were up against:

Setting up partner contracts that span 12 pages, for multiple hotels, was eating into the partner relations team’s time.

  • Setting up partner contracts that span 12 pages, for multiple hotels, was eating into the partner relations team’s time.
  • Turnaround time for contracts was long, as most hotel partners often forgot to fill in certain mandatory details.
  • Manually tracking the progress of partner contracts was turning out to be a time-consuming task.
  • Retrieving an old contract from a paper archive, just to verify a detail mentioned by the hotel partner, was taking way too long.

The Solution

Since its infancy, Cleartrip has offered customer-centric experiences characterized by seamless and frictionless interactions. When they were looking for an e-signature solution to help do away with the burden of chasing paper, they chose a solution that would mirror those values: Signeasy.

Set up partner documentation in minutes

Signeasy's 'Templates feature' allows the partner relations team to create a hotel contract template and edit it directly. Approximately 50% of the contracts sent out by the hotels team at Cleartrip for signature have been created using this feature.

Faster turnaround of contracts

Equipped with the capability to guide partners through each contract by highlighting fields they are required to fill in, Cleartrip can now push contracts to completion more quickly. In just over 3 months, the hotel partner team sent out over 8000 contracts for signature using Signeasy.

Track contract progress with ease

Signeasy allows the partner relations team to keep track of each contract’s status in real-time, with ease. It also allows them to send out reminders to hotel partners to hasten the process.

Quick access to previously signed contracts

Signeasy provides the team with archives of all previously signed contracts in one place. Not only does this make it easier for them to manage or retrieve documents, but also helped Cleartrip build better relationships with their partners.

The Pain Point


Team was struggling to improve hotel partner onboarding process.

48,000 businesses use Signeasy everyday to automate contract workflows

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With Signeasy, completing and maintaining contracts with our ever-growing list of hotel partners has become a breeze. It has helped increase efficiency and team productivity.
Subramanya Sharma
Chief Marketing Officer
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