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Ruwacon fast-tracks internal approvals with Signeasy


Ruwacon fast-tracks internal approvals with Signeasy


Ruwacon is a leading construction company in South Africa made up of different divisions: construction, infrastructure, plant, scaffolding, housing, and a specialized division that builds clinics in rural Lesotho. COVID-19 created a need for the company to evolve their approach to internal document workflows into a streamlined, digital solution. One of the management team’s main goals was to choose an eSignature software that would be easy to implement and easy for the staff to use.


Founded in 1999 by Pieter Ruthven, Ruwacon started as a small business that mainly worked on traditional repair and maintenance projects. Soon, it grew into a multidisciplinary company that deals with large general building projects including military and police barracks, criminal forensic laboratories, airport renovations, and so on.

With rapid expansion to over 50 active sites in South Africa, Ruwacon has run into a few growing pains when it comes to their document administration – namely mobility, legal recognition, security, and accessibility.


The finance department at Ruwacon deals with extensive review and approval processes for internal documents. With stakeholders spread across the country, it was difficult to collect signatures for important documents without a centralized hub to get things done. COVID-19 only made things worse by putting a strain on people’s ability to travel from place to place.

Approvals were moving at a snail’s pace, which is a particularly large issue for finance departments: delays like these can lead to issues with invoicing, cash flow, and payment processing.

All told, this speed bump in their approval process was starting to affect their team’s efficiency.


Hansie Rheeder, the Financial Director at Ruwacon, was the catalyst who brought Signeasy to Ruwacon. He had already been using the Signeasy iOS app for some time in order to handle his personal document needs. So, when the management team decided it needed a quick and easy solution to fast-track approval processes, he immediately recommended Signeasy as the best choice for the business.

After vetting the software and finding that it checked every box, Ruwacon was ready to revolutionize their business with eSignatures. Specifically, our highly competitive, transparent and affordable pricing and mobile-friendly interface sealed the deal. Now, the senior management team sends contracts, building project documents, and authorization letters to stakeholders with Signeasy, and receives all the necessary approvals in minutes.

The team is delighted to see quick results with Signeasy.

The Pain Point


Needed an eSignature solution to speed up internal approval processes.

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“Signeasy is extremely easy to implement, saves time and money, and is simple and intuitive to use.”
Hansie Rheeder
Financial Director
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