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Hotel 1926 goes paperless with Signeasy

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Roosendaal Hotels

Hotel 1926 goes paperless with Signeasy

The Company

Hotel 1926 is a paradisiacal hotel and spa complex on the Mediterranean island of Malta. It is managed by Roosendaal Hotels, a small hospitality group with three properties on the island, which in turn is overseen by Bortex Group Holdings. Following a significant renovation a few years ago, Hotel 1926 now has a unique focus on eco-friendliness and sustainability that is woven into their entire business model.

The Challenge

Ewelina Szynkarek, the Sales and Marketing Manager at Hotel 1926, has been working at the property for more than six years. She told us that they first became interested in eSignatures when the property underwent a major renovation in November 2017.

During its year-long closure, the entire hotel was remodelled with a focus on modernity and sustainability. Not only was it upgraded to include a spa, but it made major steps in an eco-friendly direction: no more paper brochures, no more hotel information print-outs, tablets in every room, and PIN entry for guest rooms instead of plastic key cards.

Before they chose to explore eSignatures, Szynkarek said Hotel 1926 was mostly signing their contractor agreements and corporate partnership agreements during in-person meetings. The hotel hires local contractors to help them manage two other properties located elsewhere on the island; asking them to come in was simply another bulky step that slowed down the process.

However, delays would often crop up when people wanted to review a contract more in-depth instead of signing on the spot. The hotel also processes a fair number of credit card authorization forms for guests, which was just one more document to keep track of and eventually file away.

Now that they were going paperless across the property by taking brochures and other assets online, it was only logical to do the same for internal paperwork.

The Solution

It was one of Szynkarek's colleagues who initially came across Signeasy via a simple online search – and it was a how-to video on our YouTube channel that sealed the deal.

Time-saving templates

Before Signeasy, Hotel 1926 used to manually change the name of the company each time they drew up a new contract or agreement, then spent time entering dates, names, and more. With templates, they are able to navigate through this step in a flash, since all their usual fields are saved in all the right places.

Streamlined signing workflows

Instead of having partners, contractors, and guests sign documents the moment they receive them, Szynkarek uses the “Request Signature” feature. That way, nobody has to feel rushed or pressured: their signature is requested over email, giving them as much time as they need to look over the document(s). Once they’re finished, they can sign and return it in just a few clicks.

Upgraded customer service

A little goes a long way: Szynkarek likes the fact that she can ask guests to sign their credit card authorization forms electronically. "it’s much easier to provide a digital signature than print the document, sign, and send a scanned copy to us," she explained. "Especially because not everyone has a printer at home.”

The Pain Point


They wanted to give partners more flexibility instead of asking for signatures on the spot.

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