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Halvor Lines ensures collaboration and compliance with Signeasy

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Halvor Lines

Halvor Lines ensures collaboration and compliance with Signeasy

The Company

Halvor Lines is a family-run trucking and logistics company that has been in business for over 60 years. Backed by an amazing team of drivers, they provide their business partners with premier transportation and logistics services across the United States and Canada. They have received numerous awards, including America's Best Fleets to Drive For (seven years running), numerous awards from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and honors from the American Heart Association for Halvor's focus on driver and employee health.

The Challenge

Kendra Payette has been with Halvor Lines for 12 years. As the Safety Office Administrator, she works alongside a team of five other people, handling issues related to compliance and drivers’ log violations. Meeting industry standards and taking appropriate corrective action is the name of the game for the safety department.

Before Signeasy, achieving those goals quickly and efficiently was a nearly impossible feat. Simply put, according to Payette, “It was horrible.” Since Halvor’s drivers are on the road in various parts of the US and Canada, there is rarely an opportunity for them to stop by a terminal to manually sign a document: it used to take upwards of one year to deliver a wet ink signature in some cases, and by then, months had elapsed since the driver’s violation was recorded.

Due to these significant delays, not only was the safety department unable to take corrective action in a timely manner, but they became exposed to certain regulatory risks. For example, if a driving violation went unsigned for six months, the Department of Transportation may have chosen to audit the company during that time– and it goes without saying that compliance audits are a headache for all parties involved.

In order to bridge the massive distance between drivers and their documents, Halvor Lines decided to go digital.

The Solution

After testing out a number of eSignature software solutions (including DocuSign), Halvor Lines’ IT department settled on Signeasy as their provider of choice. Here’s how their workflows have transformed in the wake of their digital move.

Airtight compliance

Instead of waiting months – or even a year – for their scattered drivers to sign documents at a physical location, Signeasy allows Halvor to request eSignatures from drivers on the go. Regardless of their location, drivers are able to use their tablets to read and sign logs that need correction right on the spot. As a result, the company can maintain full compliance with all applicable standards and regulations, save an incredible amount of time, and avoid unwanted audits from the DOT.

On-the-road signing

Passenger forms give drivers permission to take a passenger along with them in their truck. Thanks to Signeasy, drivers can simply call the office and request the form, which is sent to their tablet almost instantly. Then, drivers can sign and send the passenger form back at their earliest convenience – no physical paperwork necessary.

Streamlined HR management

Since Halvor Lines’ drivers are located in different areas, Signeasy makes it infinitely easier to collect their signatures whenever something changes with their employee file (insurance, salary, etc.). Before, HR would have to mail documents to each driver’s physical location, a cumbersome process that resulted in significant delays.

Mobile device management

All drivers have tablets that are managed by the IT team. IT can control which mobile apps and permissions are available for drivers to use, and they can pre-download the app on each tablet with the driver’s unique login already set up. This way, drivers don’t have to waste any time on technical tasks: they simply need to sign a document and hit send for it to be routed to the office.

The Pain Point


Needed a digital solution to bridge the gap between drivers who are always on the road and their documents.

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“Signeasy has helped us with the timeliness of these documents, and not having to route drivers to sign paperwork. Now they can sign & read in the truck!”
Kendra Payette
Safety Office Administrator
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