Banks and financial firms can streamline processes with SignEasy


Expedite paperwork to offer faster transactions

The banking and finance industry deals with an overwhelming amount of documentation. With the majority of signature transactions expected to be originated on a mobile device by 2020, financial institutions need to be fully committed to offering e-signatures on any document transmitted electronically.


Eliminate the outdated paper processes

Electronic signature lets banking and financial services firms process paperwork completely online and take their attention off paperwork and operational tasks. It helps to focus on identifying new opportunities and serving clients better.


Delight clients and build relationship

Electronic signature ensures paperwork is processed faster, letting clients sign documents from anywhere, anytime and on any device. It also speeds up transactions and ensures a smooth experience.


Stay secure and compliant

Electronic signature enables you to maintain audit trails of all your signed agreements and consent forms, and keeps your practice fraud-free. With a secure app like SignEasy, you can keep sensitive documents safe from accidental exposure.


Improve sales and operational efficiency

With reduced turnaround times and no physical records to manage, sales and operation teams can focus on their respective core goals - getting in more customers and revenue and keeping the day-to-day operations smooth.

Use Cases

Finance and banking firms can use electronic signatures
in a wide variety of instances such as

  1. Transfer of assets
  2. IRA and 401k rollovers
  3. A/C maintenance forms
  4. Loan applications
  5. Mortgage Application
  6. Disclosures
  7. Credit reports
  8. New account opening
  9. Redemption requests
  10. Account maintenance
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Being in the accounting and financial services industry, we regularly work on client documents, agreements and legal forms. And with SignEasy, faster turnaround of such documents and timely response to client needs has become a reality, despite being out of the office or on a client site.

Matthew MacDonald | Partner and COO, JMA Group

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