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Let paperwork not slow down the real deal

Getting through the lengthy paperwork in Real Estate transactions faster means faster revenues and a lot of time and effort saved. SignEasy offers real estate brokers, agents, buyers, and sellers a quick and effective way to authorize a sale and get a deal going without losing out on convenience.

Features and Benefits

Faster real estate transactions

Getting all the documents together in time will no longer be a long-drawn and error-filled process. With SignEasy, cut down the closing time from weeks to days.

Conduct business on-the-go

As a real estate broker or agent, you could be traveling to different properties and sites with clients and partners. SignEasy relieves you from being tied to the office and lets you sign or get documents signed while on-the-go.

Delight clients and partners

By using SignEasy, all the parties involved in a real estate transaction can sign documents anywhere, anytime and from their preferred device. That’s a win for everyone, especially the client.

Reduce hassles and errors

Forego the mundane cycle of printing, scanning and sending documents, or even traveling up and down to get signatures. Changes or errors in the document can be revised and shared in an instant. No more delays in closing a deal because of human errors.

Stay compliant and secure

With SignEasy, you can easily fill out and sign multiple mandatory documents and ensure compliance at every stage. In addition, audit trails of all your paperwork are maintained to prevent malpractice.

Use Cases

All parties in a real estate transaction can use electronic signatures to get a variety of documents, agreements and disclosures signed, such as

  • Pre-approval letters
  • Offer to purchase
  • Sales contract
  • Leases
  • Rent agreements
  • Floor plans
  • Residential disclosure
  • Liens
  • Closing disclosures
  • Mortgage forms
  • Certificate of occupancy
  • Name affidavits
  • Seller’s affidavits

“Today with SignEasy what took 12-24 hours now takes 2-4 minutes. That means, what earlier took an entire workday is now completed in a tea break. Deals are saved because they can be secured in real time.“

Robert Couture | Managing Partner, S&C Homebuyers

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