Field services staff can optimize processes with SignEasy

Accelerate paperwork to improve overall service experience

Paperless facility management reduces document storage and retrieval costs by 20%. Switch to electronic signatures will aid in saving time and cost.


Improved customer delight

With electronic signatures you can ensure that paperwork doesn’t delay the workflow and clients can sign service agreements, work orders and estimates anywhere, anytime and on any device. This helps to create a smooth experience for your customers.


Reduced operational costs

A great deal of cost saving happens because there is no need to print the documents and store them physically. Moreover, with the feature of sending documents for signature, the field professionals save costs on multiple visits to customer sites.


Improved visibility

The field service teams are always out visiting customer sites and interact remotely with the office supervisors. Also, in a lot of cases, service organizations outsource a part of the service delivery to third-party vendors and contractors. In an increasingly remote and distributed scenario, keeping a track of service completion and deliveries becomes difficult. Electronic signatures help in bridging this disconnect with real-time updates.


Efficient on-the-ground workforce

Electronic signatures allow for end-to-end digitized process and eliminate paper-based transactions. This leads to lesser data verification and registration work, greater clarity from the office and supervisors, fewer chances of error in forms or documents and reduced dependence of the field professionals on the office teams. The field service professionals need not spend time dealing with these hassles.


Get paid faster

Electronic signatures allow field services professionals to generate service completion reports and timesheets right on the customer’s site - which in turn leads to faster invoicing and an accelerated movement of payments as compared to the traditional paperwork back-and-forth.

Use Cases

Speed up workflows by getting electronic signatures on
documents such as

  1. Service agreements
  2. Vendor agreements
  3. Certificate of completion
  4. Project estimates
  5. Timesheets
  6. Quality inspection forms
  7. Invoices
  8. Onboarding documents
  9. Acceptance test certificates
  10. Termination letters

As a Field Service Technician I turn in most of my paperwork electronically. I like that the document becomes a secure PDF that is easy to send electronically.

Sandy Kershner | Consultant