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Construction Proposal Template

If you aren’t already using a construction proposal template, now’s the time to start. Sending a sleek standardized proposal is an easy way to impress potential clients during pitches and set you apart from competitors.

If you don't feel like creating this document from scratch, that’s fine! The Signeasy team went ahead and created a free construction proposal template you can use. This construction bid template can be customized to suit your brand and tailored to each individual pitch, from content to color scheme.

What is a construction proposal template?

A construction bid template is a document that outlines the format and information that should be included in a bid for a construction project. It typically includes sections for the contractor's contact information, a description of the project, a list of materials and labor required, a schedule of completion, and pricing information. The construction contract template may also include instructions for submitting the bid, as well as information about the selection process and requirements for the winning bid. Using a construction bid template can help ensure that all necessary information is included in the bid and that it is presented in a clear and organized manner.

There is nothing more important to winning at the next big pitch than an attention-grabbing construction proposal template – also known as a construction bid template – can help you win your next construction bid proposal. By neatly laying out the construction project objectives, strategy, and budget upfront, this document is sure to position you as a top contender.

Once they’ve been personalized and signed, these documents can easily be converted into PDFs and shared with prospective clients via an eSignature solution like Signeasy. 

How to sign a construction bid template

1. Upload the construction proposal template into Signeasy

2. Tap the Sign button

3. Decide if you want to draw, type or upload your signature

4. Drag and drop your signature onto the page, or place it with a click.

5. Click on “add text fields” if you wish to include any additional information

6. Hit ‘Finish’ to download the file to your device or send it via email

Once the proposal is signed, it will automatically be stored on the Signeasy cloud and accessible via your account dashboard.

Know your construction proposal template

Submitting a construction proposal using a detailed construction contract template is the way to get your foot in the door when it comes to securing new business. If the construction contract proposal is intriguing enough, it could get you your first (or second) meeting with the prospective client. An accurate and efficient construction contract template would help you with just that.

Here are the features that need to be part of every good construction proposal template to help you bag your next client:

Introductory letter

Set the context for your business proposal by outlining your intent in the form of a simple, straightforward letter to the client. It should be able to summarize what the client can expect from this proposal.

About us

Start off the main section of your construction proposal template by explaining why your brand should be considered by the prospective client. Talk about your business’ qualifications, the team that works for you, and your USP.

You can also name-drop some of your top clients here.

Project overview

Next, review the details of the project that you are pitching for. Include the name of the project, a short description, the location and scale, and the proposed start and end dates. 

Scope of work

Now comes one of the most important sections. The scope of work outlines the jobs that your construction company is willing to undertake. List all the deliverables one by one and make sure to clarify that the client is liable for any legal implications surrounding building permits and licenses they have secured on their own, both before and after the project is complete.

Remember: check with your legal advisor about the exact laws that govern your state. Even if this is just a proposal and not the final contract, you don't want to be making false claims that you could be held liable for in the future.


Once you outline what your business is willing to contribute to the project, discuss any other terms related to the project. This could include what needs to be done with excess materials, how the staff need to be treated, and who will be responsible for miscellaneous costs like energy, permits, etc.

Cost and payment terms

Typically, construction companies give an estimate for the cost of materials and services. Make sure that all these costs are neatly tabulated. 

Mention how you will deal with any unforeseen costs that may arise while executing the project.

You should also clearly outline the payment terms, including late payment penalties and applicable taxes.

Be sure to also make note of whether the bid amount takes taxes and other extra charges into consideration.

Estimated work schedule

Break the project up into stages and give the client an idea of the time it will take to complete each step. Make it clear that these dates are not final (only indicative) and will be subject to change.

The actual deadlines will be outlined in the final construction contract.


This section is meant to safeguard your business from any issues that arise once the project is complete. In a limited warranty clause, the construction business usually covers their construction work for about 10 years, and provides 1 year of coverage for workmanship and materials used. 

Make sure to include the scenarios that will not be covered by this warranty.


Next is the acknowledgement section of the proposal. 

Once you sign this section, you are agreeing to take on the new client and provide the services and materials outlined in the proposal. Once the client signs this section, they agree to have read the proposal and accept the pricing and terms. To keep the signing touch-free, you could just use Signeasy (try it here).

The client has the right to cancel this agreement within 15 days of signing it by communicating their decision to you in writing.

In most cases, contractors are not able to collect a potential client’s signature in-person. Electronic signatures make it easy to request approvals and finalize documents remotely, and digital processes add a touch of sophistication to any transaction. Construction professionals around the world use Signeasy to close deals quickly – try it free for 14 days.

Tip: By adding an expiration date to your service offer, you will encourage the client to accept the proposal without delay. 

Why choose Signeasy for your construction proposal template?

New business outreach that occurs post-pandemic is significantly more reliant on contactless processes – the majority of proposals and contracts are shared, presented and signed online. 

Here are some of the reasons why Signeasy is a top choice for SMBs who need to sign and share construction proposal templates:

  1. Sign from anywhere, anytime: Construction bids can be incredibly competitive, and time is always of the essence. It’s not realistic to expect your sales team to print, sign and scan proposals while working from home, then courier them to prospective clients. This is where Signeasy can make all the difference. With just a few clicks on your smart device, you can shoot out personalized proposals to clients from anywhere.
  2. Easily store and share templates: Instead of starting from scratch with each proposal, save a construction proposal template to your Signeasy account. Then, whenever a new business opportunity presents itself, simply adjust the construction bid template and your proposal will be ready to go!
  3. Keep your proposals secure: Since you don't want your quotes to be leaked to competitors, it would make a lot of sense to use Signeasy for sending your proposals. We use 256-bit SSL encryption, just like the banks do, to protect your data and your representatives’ signatures. 
  4. Help sales reps focus on selling instead of paperwork: One of the most tedious jobs for a sales rep is following up on contracts and proposals. Signeasy can automate the signature reminder process by enabling you to send notifications via email or SMS with a single click. We will also update you the moment a proposal is signed by a client!

Construction proposal template FAQs

How do you write a construction proposal ?

  1. Use a construction proposal template on Signeasy
  2. Edit the template with details that address the client’s construction RFP 
  3. Be sure to revise the quote and timelines
  4. Sign the acknowledgement section
  5. Send the construction proposal to the prospective client

What is the format of a construction proposal template?

A construction proposal has to include a section about your business, construction project details, scope of work, estimated costs and work schedule, warranty details, and payment terms. It's also important to have a section where both parties acknowledge the clauses within the bid proposal and agree to comply with the terms. 

Is a construction proposal a construction contract?

A proposal is a valid contract, since it requires both parties to sign and then adhere to the clauses mentioned in the document. Though a proposal is not the final contract, it is legally binding.

What should a construction bid template look like?

A construction bid template should position your company as the best one to meet the needs outlined in the client’s RFP. Use Signeasy’s construction bid template to ensure that details like the scope of work, cost estimates, timelines, and payment terms are included.

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