Going contactless with digital wet signatures: Is your business ready?

Contactless self-service, video meetings and online payments have become the norm across industries. From your local fast food joint to banks and airport baggage drop, every business is scrambling to adopt a touchless future, since COVID-19.  E-signatures solutions (or digital wet signature) play a key role in this movement to maintain hygiene and business continuity, while keeping physical interactions with high-contact surfaces at a minimum. It is also instrumental in delivering a huge competitive advantage in terms of improved productivity and cost savings. 

Yes, they are incredibly easy to adopt and use, but some of the more traditional businesses (maybe yours too) may not yet be ready to take the plunge and make process changes. 

Will this hesitancy cost your business dearly? Yes. 

Surely, you don’t want to be left behind!

That’s why Signeasy offers the chance to ease SMBs into transforming their documentation process with something that we like to call the ‘digital wet signature’.

What is a digital wet signature?

It’s important for organizations to recognize that eSignatures are what stand between your stakeholders and every infection spread via contaminated surfaces ( such as office supplies and courier services).

As a business leader, you may have already taken cognizance of this fact. You may even be ready to adopt this essential technology as the organization’s first line of defence against communicable diseases. But what if your employees, vendors or partners resist this change? Shouldn’t you be ready to account for the possibility that the process change may be too sudden for them?

This is where a ‘digital wet signature’ can really make a difference. The reluctance to embrace change can be gradually smoothed out by introducing an online signature variant that still allows for certain aspects of physical signing – aka the ‘digital wet signature’.

Closely mirroring the wet ink signing process, digital wet signatures can be added to online documents in the following ways: 

  • Images of the handwritten signature (eg: iPhone camera scans of wet signatures)
  • Physical signatures captured via a touch device (such as a tablet) or even the mouse/stylus

This hybrid signature variant enables users to (from the comfort of their homes) add their physical signature to online contracts via Signeasy and send it to the next person in the signature workflow. This way, your people don’t have to go to the office and touch common documentation surfaces such as office pens, scanners, fax machines etc. They can also send and receive documents without ever interacting with courier services.

This is how digital wet signatures remain true to the original signing workflows, while also keeping the online contracts slick, hygienic and new-age. 

Secure, flexible and easy to use 

Online signatures are essential for the smooth functioning of businesses, as telecommuting becomes the new modus operandi. Here are the simple and user-friendly steps to including Signeasy’s digital wet signature to your contracts:

  1. Add signers to the online document and send it to your client (or vendor) for signature
  2. Recipients choose self-signing option (image) 
  3. They click a photo of their physical signature
  4. Upload the signature onto the digital document and tap done!

Et volia! In just 4 steps, your document is signed. 

You can even save your digitized wet signature onto your Signeasy account, and then reuse it as many times (across synced devices) as you want!

For those who prefer to keep it even more old-school – just print out each document shared via the eSignature tool, sign it manually, scan the document and then upload it back onto Signeasy. That’s it!

And in terms of security, you can rest assured that all Signeasy documents are automatically saved on the cloud and secured with biometric face-id and 256-bit SSL encryption (similar to banks and financial institutions). Only authorized users can access these files at any time. So, you don’t ever have to worry about storing or securing these files separately.

This level of flexibility and security is what endears Signeasy to its clients. 

Once your stakeholders are eased into a contract-less world, via digital wet signatures, there is likely no turning back for them.

No wonder Philip McCrea of Red Nucleus, a life sciences company, said, “In the absence of access to office printers & scanners, Signeasy provides a great way to ensure we can keep our contracts moving and our business running. These days, our contracts are executed in under 10 minutes! We might never go back to printers and scanners again.”

Digital wet signature is what the employee wants

Digital wet signature solutions are as legally binding as physical signatures, and hence it is your SMB’s perfect first step towards transforming the paperwork process. Your employees only stand to benefit, in terms of health and productivity, from a journey towards contactless documentation workflow. 

That said, it might take some convincing especially for the ‘older’, less tech-savvy employees to get them comfortable with the newly adopted technology. You can get their complete buy-in by doing the following:

  1. Communicating the benefits of online signatures, via power users, internal communication platforms or training sessions
  2. Introducing eSignatures in a phased manner, starting with digital wet signatures and then moving on to the full-digital options

These simple steps can make a big difference in the long run, in terms of employee engagement levels with the tool.

* Don’t forget to tell your employees about the fact that Signeasy takes contactless to the next level by making it possible to sign documents with your face!

Last word

Maria Pesqueira, of the Healthy Communities Foundation, is very happy with Signeasy for it enables her to “sign documents while working remotely under the COVID-19 guidelines”.

If, like Ms. Pesqueira, you also feel like your small business needs an eSignature tool to safeguard your employees and third parties, then download and run the 14-day free trial of the Signeasy mobile app here.

In case your business is one of those helping the world from the frontlines, drop us a mail at [email protected] – we can offer you a free subscription to Signeasy for a limited period.

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