An electronic signature example for each function of an SMB

Try to visualize foot-high reams of paperwork just sitting there, week on week, waiting to be signed by your extremely lean team of executives (who are already stretched for time). Such a scenario won’t be too difficult to imagine, for it is likely to reflect in your everyday reality.  ( Good thing you are here to read more about electronic signature example (s) !)

No wonder research says that 33% of small businesses spend most of their day on documentation. And, here is the real shocker, only 4% of the documentation is actually critical! 

At the end of the day, all this archaic documentation process leaves your stakeholders with is an incredibly sore signing hand. Not to mention the increased risk of infection for having interacted with high-contact surfaces such as pens, scanners, and papers.

By now, the benefits of online contracts must be glaringly obvious. So, I’m sure you are not asking ’why choose eSignatures’ anymore. But, what you would really need to know is ‘HOW to use electronic signatures’ to improve the productivity and hygiene of your document workflow. Read on, for a real-life electronic signature example or 10!

10 helpful electronic signature example (s)

Electronic signatures are no more a novelty, but an essential digital solution for every mission-critical business function. It is swiftly replacing pen and paper workflows, as COVID has driven businesses to adopt touchless processes.

Here are some ways in which eSignature powered online contracts can make a difference in the health, experience, and efficiency of your employees, suppliers, and clients:

1. Employee hiring and onboarding – Hiring and onboarding forms are the very first touchpoints of employees with your business. So, you would want to make their first experience with your company seamless. Especially with the growth in telecommuting, it’s essential that these touchpoints are made stress-free and easy.

One quick way of doing so is using an online signature tool to eliminate the drudgework faced by new hires of printing, filling, signing, and couriering employment contracts and other forms.

Learn how Dalhart Independent School District used SignEasy to enroll teachers quickly and efficiently.

Document examples: Consent for a background check, offer letter, benefits enrollment and code of conduct

2. Sales documentation – Sales teams always have a bunch of documents that need to be actioned, yesterday. And because these executives are so overwhelmed with admin work, they end up being unable to focus on their core responsibility of selling. 

E-Signature solutions, such as SignEasy, can make the lives of your salespersons so much more convenient with ready templates of each type of document. This way, they don’t need to type out the many contracts every time. Instead, they just need to pull up a template, make minor changes, and hit send on the document! Then, the software sends automated reminders to signees until they acknowledge the contract. 

SignEasy’s solution, being mobile-friendly, also enables salespersons to sign and send documents from anywhere and anytime. Hence, eSignatures help improve closing rates by speeding up every touchpoint of the sales cycle, from contract creation, delivery to signing. 

Document examples: proposals, bids, customer agreements, project estimates, quotes, contracts renewals, purchase orders

3. Financial documents – Every day, you will see the finance team running from pillar to post trying to get signatures on so many documents. They are also forced to send multiple reminders, manually to signees, until the document pipeline is cleared. Naturally, this sort of clerical work takes away from the time your team could be putting into creatively solving other problems. Electronic signature solution providers such as SignEasy, even have biometric-powered audit trails for increased security and reliability.

The simple act of automating these reminder emails, with SignEasy, is sure to help your team save a lot of time. With SignEasy, JK Group’s tanning bed company delivered authenticated signatures to the bank that met all the eSignature regulations.

Document examples: mortgage forms, expense reimbursement, invoices, tax forms

4. Compliance and quality control – Be it the ISO, AS, or IATF standards, adhering to quality principles requires a tonne of paperwork to be filled and signed. It will then have to be cross-checked by the team to ensure completeness and accuracy. 

To reduce errors in these documents, SignEasy’s ‘document fields’ feature offers prompts that point out where to sign. And there you go – reduced errors and less admin time spent on physically checking each file.

Document examples: Results of internal audit, records about customer property, results of corrective actions

5. Customer transactions – Laborious paperwork can be that one hurdle that stands between your business and improved sales. Particularly millennials are known to hate the idea of too many documents to read and sign; leaving many a sale incomplete. For this very reason, the likes of family-owned auto dealerships, travel agencies, and banks have been experiencing poor sales rates. 

Since every sale is important for small businesses, this issue needs to be addressed in a cost-effective manner. In order to simplify the purchase event for buyers and sellers alike, you may digitize paperwork via SignEasy. Here is an electronic signature example of how H&S Travels and Tours helped its customers keep the paperwork to a minimum to book holidays.  

Document examples: Registration, loan documents, booking papers

6. Vendor management – For small businesses to be sustainable, they rely heavily on securing good deals from vendors. 

E-signature solutions help close the loop on vendor agreements in the most agile manner. By doing away with delays in document processing, your business gets to enjoy the agreed-upon rates for services or supplies. It can also help you store tomes of vendor paperwork, conveniently on the cloud, for audit purposes. Click here to understand how HasGeek, an internet company, uses SignEasy’s digital audit trail to prove that each document has been signed by the recipient.

Document examples: Contract worker agreement, termination of the vendor,  

7. Day to day employee management – Post onboarding, in the lifetime of an employee, there are so many documents that need to be actioned. From performance management to exit formalities, the list of forms that employees interact with is countless. Now, just because you cannot get these documents easily to your remote workforce, all these processes cannot stop. 

An eSignature solution can be used to digitize these forms and contracts, therefore ensuring business continuity. Halvor Lines, a  family-run trucking and logistics company, did just this by getting 600 truck drivers to sign documents ‘on the road’ whenever there was a change in their employee file. Read more about it here.

Document examples: Timesheets, leave approval, claims, promotion approvals, training authorization

8. IT operations – For tech-first small businesses such as SaaS companies or e-commerce brands, it is so important for the IT function to do its job seamlessly. 

To this end, an eSignature solution for IT operations can help speed up the documentation process. And, all these IT documents are then automatically archived into the cloud so that they are so much easier to store and retrieve.

Document examples: Bugfix sign-offs, complaint ticket, policy acknowledgments, asset retirement, issue tickets

9. Legal document processing – Did you know that the audit trail created by online signature solutions are just as binding as wet signatures – accepted across the globe? 

Since SignEasy stores these documents automatically on the cloud, you can also be assured that they are securely stored. For a relevant electronic signature example, have a look at how the German startup, Sono Motors, got their NDAs signed in no time by digitizing the paperwork.

Document examples: Power of attorney, employment contracts, board consents, confidentiality agreements, and partnership agreements

10. Supply chain logistics – Every supply chain process involves a bunch of forms and contracts that are exchanged between so many stakeholders. 

In a post-COVID world, you can avoid their exposure to contact transmission (from exposure to infection hotspots like printers, scanners, papers, etc) with SignEasy.  Here are a  few electronic signature example (s) for your supply chain.

Document examples: Customs, transportation, standardized documentation from buyer and seller, trading or bank requirements

Want to find out how eSignatures can help your SMB with specific electronic signature example ? Just write in to us at [email protected] Alternately, just sign-up for a free trial here.

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