Attn: traditional businesses. Modernize signature workflows to combat COVID-19

Schools, healthcare institutions and financial services companies have existed for thousands of years. They have been resistant to change – sticking to the familiarity of legacy organizational styles, models and processes. But, the recent pandemic has mixed things up quite a bit. It is now essential for these businesses to adopt new technologies (case in point eSignature solutions) so as to survive. 

By being open to new ways of doing business, be it signing documents or running analytics, is the only way you can hope to successfully compete with the “digital-first” newcomers.

Listed below are some of the top industries that tend to have a more conservative outlook towards technology. Read on to know how businesses in these sectors adopted eSignature solution Signeasy to evolve during the healthcare crisis:


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Online training courses are a dime a dozen. Yet, K-12 education institutes, like yours, are still largely a brick and mortar situation. Everything from your student enrollment to notices and staff attendance is likely to be part of a highly segmented, paper-based system. And you need to depend on office staff to manage all this physical paperwork. 

With eSignatures, even if school administrators are unreachable and overwhelmed, educators can be empowered to complete a lot of the paperwork themselves. At the same time, administrators no longer need to depend on teachers to communicate to pupils and parents. All notices and follow ups to ensure completion of forms can now be done directly with the use of eSignature software. 

Q2 vs Q1 2020 usage trends: eSignature usage among educational institutes grew by 350%

Document types: Student admissions, parental permission forms, offer letters, employment contracts, consent for a background check and IEPs forms

Case studies: Dalhart Independent School District and University of Pennsylvania’s Prevention Research Center 


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If you run a local clinic or a hospital, it’s time to question the old ways of doing things – especially your documentation. By digitizing paperwork, using Signeasy, the hospital ecosystem becomes more evolved leading to greater productivity and distribution of the admin load.

You can use this touchless technology to manage the entire signature lifecycle from creating the forms to sending it for signatures and getting the signed form back from users. It will also automatically remind hospital staff, by email or push notifications, to complete the forms so that you don’t have to manually remind them. Here are some of the other benefits of using an eSignature solution:

  • Reduces interactions with high-contact surfaces related to paperwork, which in turn reduces your (and that of your frontline heroes) risk of contracting diseases.
  • Speeds up the paperwork. This frees up your staff’s time, so that they may focus on saving lives
  • Saves so much in terms of admin costs – paper, printing, and paperwork storage space
  • Makes it so much more convenient for your employees to complete paperwork without scanning and printing and faxing — this will ultimately make your healthcare centre a preferred place to work at.

The Signeasy API is also available to integrate with most legacy applications such as your hospital’s HRMS. Thus, it can enable users to sign documents without having to close their existing work and open an eSignature software separately.

Q2 vs Q1 2020 usage trends: 8944% jump in electronic signing by healthcare professionals.

Document types: Documents related to hiring and onboarding, purchase orders, staff training forms, medical director agreements, consent forms and waivers 

Case studies: San Diego Eye Bank, Chupik Counseling and Truepill


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If yours is a logistics business looking to reinvent itself, start by accepting that technology is an important business continuity enabler – especially in these trying times. Since you can’t be at every shipment signing off on paperwork, switch to eSignatures. They are just as legally binding as wet signatures and so much more convenient. It also stores all your logistics-related documents safely on the cloud so that you don’t have to worry about sifting through dusty archives to locate them.

Rappi, a on-demand delivery mobile app, is using Signeasy API to onboard restaurants during the pandemic. They can send the onboarding documents via the Rappi app to restaurant CXOs who can sign it and send it back in no-time, without moving a muscle. 

Q2 vs Q1 2020 usage trends: 29% growth in procurement users and 79% growth in operations and admin users

Document types: Service Contract Management, Commercial/Service Invoice Signing and Bill of Lading Signing

Case studies: Halvor Lines, JK Group and Rise Fulfillment Network

Financial services

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When COVID-19 struck, financial services companies were all about addressing business continuity challenges. For example, EquityList (part of AngelList) used Signeasy API to build a customized, embedded signing solution. This helps founders and employees sign-off on issuing equity grants to early employees.

.But today, it’s much more than that. There is a need to also reimagine customer experience and digital sales and service since there are more inquiries received online for financial services than ever before. 

You can’t expect your clients to stay engaged in doing business with you, if you still reply on archaic physical paperwork. That’s why you need eSignatures. And that’s why Signeasy is so critical to decrease friction within the sales process.

Q2 vs Q1 2020 usage trends: 53% growth in users for finance related documents.

Document types: Account opening form, loan application form, mortgage application form 

Case studies: ZenEquity, Aruba Bank and Vatfree

Is your company in the midst of a digital transformation, to plug the gaps created by COVID-19? Definitely consider signing up for Signeasy’s 14-day free trial.

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