How to electronically sign a word document with Signeasy

Electronically signing a Word document is simple with Signeasy

With Signeasy you can:

Import and fill PDF

Not just PDF, you can import  25+ different document formats and easily add form fields like signature, date, time, and more.

Sign PDF for free

Draw, type, or upload your signature into Signeasy. Sign documents and PDF forms instantly without creating an account.

Share PDF securely

Once the document is signed, share it with signers securely at the click of a button. You can also mark all the relevant people in CC.

Drag and drop your document here

Use any popular file format such as PDF, Word or JPG


Enter a valid email

How to electronically sign a word document with Signeasy

Electronically signing a Word document is simple with Signeasy.

Sign Document

How to add an eSignature using only Word?

While you can sign documents by uploading scanned images of your signature to Word files, it is easier if you get an eSignature tool. Even better if it offers an integrated workflow with Microsoft Word for e.g. Signeasy. You don’t need to switch multiple apps and screens to get the job done.

Benefits of integrating Signeasy with Word

  • Save time
  • Eliminate manual effort
  • No need to switch between multiple screens and applications
  • On-click eSignatures

How to eSign a word document with Signeasy’s eSignature solutions?

Step 1: Log into Signeasy

Open a new tab or browser window and log into your Signeasy account. If you haven't registered for our electronic signature app yet,  create an account for free.

Step 2: Click ‘Start Signing’

Click the blue ‘Start Signing’ button in the top left corner of your screen, then choose the ‘Sign Document" option if all you need is your own electronic signature.

Step 3: Import your document

Select the Microsoft Word document you need to sign.

Step 4: Add your signature

In the left-hand ‘Annotations’ menu bar, you’ll see the ‘Signature’ option. Once you have configured your electronic signature (by selecting your preferred font or drawing your own signature), you can either drag and drop it into the document or place it on the signature line with a click. If the author has already given signer instructions by adding a signature line, great. If not, you can add a signature line with Microsoft Office Signature Line.

Step 5: Add other fields

Once you’ve placed your electronic signature into the Microsoft Word document, you can add an additional signature field if you like. You can even add more fields like date, your name, and your initials.

Step 6: Click ‘Finish’

Is all of your information accurate and complete? If so, click ‘Finish’ to finalize your signed document, then click “Download” to save a signed PDF to your device. Inserting an electronic signature in Word is just that easy!

May 17, 2022 11:00 a.m  CT

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