What is an electronic signature?

eSignature (electronic signature) is a legally agreed-upon replacement for uniquely identifiable physical acceptance or agreement to a form, document, or other digital sources. An eSignature software provides a secure and legal process for agreement/consent related to digital content, including the authentication of signatories. Get started with eSignatures from Signeasy

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What are the uses/benefits of electronic signatures?

Easy eSigning workflows

Upload your document, set up signers and signing order, and send it ahead for signatures within minutes.

Legally compliant

eSign Act & eIDAS compliant. More secure than wet-ink signatures with signer verification, and audit trails.


Easily sign documents from anywhere, from any device, across geographies.

Faster turnaround times

Sign off and close business deals in seconds. eSignatures provide flexibility in time-sensitive scenarios.


Physical paperwork can be expensive. Electronic signatures save you valuable money and effort.

Environment Friendly

eSignatures elimitinate the need for paper. A truly digital intiative that saves trees and the environment.

Signeasy’s eSignature solution caters to all your business needs

Short learning curve

With a limit on envelopes used, most electronic signature softwares have plans wherein overages add up quickly. Signeasy offers unlimited documents and envelopes, so you can only think about growth with no constraints.

Delightful customer experiences

Signeasy makes document signing a delightful experience. Our easy-to-use interface is loved by 10 million users worldwide who rate us highly on independent review sites. You can sign, send, and manage documents effortlessly from the web or our award-winning mobile apps for iOS and Android with zero hassles.

Flexible and transparent pricing

Our eSignature solution pricing is straightforward and transparent, with various plans for businesses to choose from. No hidden fees, extra costs, or unpleasant surprises.

Intuitive signature workflows

More than 43,000 businesses use Signeasy to prepare, sign and send documents for their internal and external workflows. You can sign and send documents on the web or mobile. Easily customize your workflows to suit your needs.

Enterprise-grade security

Signeasy offers the highest levels of trust, confidentiality, security, and accountability compared to wet signatures and adheres to the eIDAS and ESIGN ACT. These signatures are accepted in the US, EU, Switzerland, India, UAE, and other Latin American countries.

Popular electronic signature integrations

Sign and send directly from your favorite business tools—Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Salesforce, and more.

A few words from our customers

"Signeasy offered easy embedded signing capabilities that fit perfectly within Zenequity’s platform. Signeasy API eliminates the need for custom coding and has powerful capabilities that can help businesses streamline their document workflows. We cherish our partnership with Signeasy, as the team truly listens and responds to our needs consistently."

Sharat Khurana

Founder,  ZenEquity

“The main thing that brought us to Signeasy was it was the most price competitive and it did what we needed to do! It was all pretty seamless.”


Managing Director, Truepill

“Signeasy's support team is one of the best we have worked with. They provided us with a flexible API that was easily integrated into our system and optimized pricing. Our clients are now free from all the inconvenience of using manual signatures.”

Srikanth Boundugulapati



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