10 Customer Stories of Why People Love and Trust SignEasy

At SignEasy, we are very proud of our focus on product quality because it has been the sole driver behind gaining new customers by word of mouth referrals and recommendations. As we transition into our new name and get closer to celebrate our 2 year anniversary since pioneering in the mobile eSignature market, we asked our customers why they love and recommend SignEasy to their colleagues, friends and family.

We are excited to share the top 10 insightful stories from the #SignEasyLove contest.

1.  As an operations manager I use SignEasy to get my documents signed everyday. On any given day, we have documents, contracts and work orders that need to be signed. Before we would go through a stack of paper a day and then have to spend hours faxing it to other offices. Now with several iPads and email, I can have all the companies important documents signed and sent back in minutes instead of hours. Thus making the business faster and more efficient. I don’t know what I would do without this app. I really love it.

– Joshua Jensen, Senior Director of Operations, Convergys Corp


2. I have used SignEasy since its launch. The ease of use, the reliability, security, the ability to use anywhere, just to mention a few must haves in my book. They are the best support team I have ever  dealt with if ever I had a problem with any iOS application from iTunes. Their motto is customer always first because it’s us who put them where they are.

-Richard Lesley, Master Electrician, Disabled: I.B.E.W.


3.  True to its Name! As a Sales Professional in the Enterprise Telecom world, the terms “feet on street” and “mobile office” truly come to life. I remember a time when a customer called on a Friday evening wanting a signed copy of the Purchase Order without which they could not process the payment. The quarter was closing on Saturday, a non-working day, which meant that if the signed document would not reach the client, my target for the quarter was shot. Entered SignEasy, within minutes I had my iPad and stylus out and the PDF was well on its way before the clients office and my quarter closed for the day. Sometimes a signature is all that stands between Yes and No and SignEasy makes it a breeze to get it “signed, sealed, delivered” from anywhere. True to its name, like I said.

– Prashant Butani, Client Manager, Cable & Wireless Worldwide.


4.  SignEasy has completely transformed my business. I have clients and employees all over Las Vegas and when we need documents signed, it’s right before our clients enter the night clubs. SignEasy not only makes our lives easier, it actually improves our clients experience because we look extra professional having them sign the document on our phones rather than pulling out some folded up piece of paper out of our pocket and then looking around for a pen and a good spot to write on. SignEasy rocks!

– Logan Sorensen, CEO, The Golf Pilot App


5.  Before SignEasy I would spend an excessive amount of time and money at Fed Ex Kinkos in order to submit work documents while I was out of the office. SignEasy is simply the easiest, most effective application on both my iPhone and iPad for all of my on the go business needs.

– Juley Thuy Le, Software Analyst & Entrepreneur, Asurion.


6.  A few months ago I was offered a job but in order to accept, i had to download tax forms and start paperwork, sign it, and email it back to the company. I had no access to a printer or fax machine. I looked online and this app popped up. I downloaded it and installed and withing 20 minutes I had imported the paperwork and this amazing app let me virtually sign my name to it. I was able to do EVERYTHING on my iPhone with this amazing little app. I was even quicker at returning the paperwork than others who wasted the paper to download it, sign it and send it back. Thanks SignEasy!

– Ruben Arakelyan, Web Developer, TwentyFourNine.


7.  SignEasy has made it possible for me to operate my family therapy practice totally paperless. The addition of SignEasy to my iPad has transformed the way I do business (and saved some trees in the process). Over the past 23 years, I have accumulated over 1,000 paper files. That tradition is now over.

– John Abuso, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Sandtree Family Therapy,LLC.


8.  I love SignEasy because I’m always away from the office. And when I need to sign important documents SignEasy is right at my finger tips.

– Ray Ward, Photographer.


9.  I love SignEasy because it makes my life easier. I was lucky enough to find SignEasy on my iPad. I began working for an online business out of Mexico City from the United States. Each month, I report my marketing invoice, but I always had to print it off, sign it, then fax it to Mexico. The process was time consuming and costly. I found SignEasy, where I can simply add my digtal signature to an invoice each month and email it to Mexico. Thank you SignEasy!

– Amy Ray, Facilitator/Marketing, Alpha Plus Excel.


10.  I love SignEasy because it is the best at the service provided! Your app was actually first mentioned to me by my brother-in-law during my struggle with the recent short sale of two properties in Florida. After numerous, lengthy faxes the old pay-by-the-page or sneak fax at work route, I was inclined to find a more efficient way to send vital, time sensitive signed documents. The BEST hook-sinking memory I have from my intro to SignEasy was when I was granted my bonus 4th trial use. The forth, and still free, use contained the final document that I was able to close my first short sale with!  I was so impressed when you delivered the bonus round (cute kitchy lingo by the way) that I immediately purchased the full price app in anticipation of closing second short sale with ease.

– Joshua Rubinsky, Registered Nurse, ICU Boulder Community Hospital.

Thanks again! Your feedback is very insightful in understanding how people from a wide variety of personal and professional backgrounds, living in different places, use SignEasy to get on with their lives.

If you have a story to share, please write to us at support@getsigneasy.com.

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